Homan Calls Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Pretty Much Calls Her an Idiot

21 Comments on Homan Calls Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Pretty Much Calls Her an Idiot

  1. Those congresswomen were all a disgrace in that hearing

    They fling lies at him and don’t even let him respond

    What a shame that they are members of the People’s House

  2. This is what the House does. 24/7 political smears.
    They’ve rendered themselves useless by giving unlimited authority to the swamp in exchange for oversight (grandstanding).

  3. These damn committee investigations are such a sham! They need to keep the cameras out, because the attention grabbing left, uses them as nothing more than a disgraceful, deceitful parody of the term ‘investigation’ to display their elitist power.

    The inept congressional leftists just wallow in their ‘five minutes’ of ‘look how important and powerful I am-isms, you damn peons!’

    It’s past time that we the voters show them the pink slip, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  4. Washerwoman-Shillz has no interest in what is what, this is no investigation, it’s an inquisition.
    When ‘idiot’ is all ya got, play to your strength.

  5. As another commentator wryly said: Why would you pay any attention to a woman who gets her hair done at Petsmart!

  6. Anonymous September 12, 2019 at 10:38 am

    I, also, thought she was gone. What they found under the rock was what they brought up after dredging a stagnant pond. Near a leaky nuclear reactor.

  7. Her hair has been declared a strategic petroleum reserve with an estimated yield of 400,000,000 barrels. Exxon is trying to purchase the rights to drill.

  8. Gen. Flynn may go to prison for not being accurate in an interview with the FBI, but wasserman-Schultz can make a baseless statement like that with impunity?

    Now might be the time to buy stock in companies that supply tar and feathers.

  9. Look bitch, I have had just about enough of your smart mouth. Keep it up and I am going to have come over there and snatch a fist full of Top Ramen out of your scalp.

  10. She’s been irrelevant for so long that I forgot she was even in Congress still. She showed why she needs to go back to her irrelevant status – Barack Oblowme has been gone for three years bint, your fake, phony outrage falls on deaf ears. And worse, it’s been exposed by a non-politician President who doesn’t put up with that crap and doesn’t give f*ck what the media thinks of it.

    Thank you Tom Homan for taking the Donald J. Trump approach to dealing with out of touch, self-serving politicians. They have no clothes when rightfully exposed – and in Whatserface Schultz’s case, that’s an awful visual.


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