Maryland State Highway Administration removes signs leading to ‘Negro Mountain’

wash exam- A spokesperson for the Maryland State Highway Administration confirmed that it removed four road signs pointing the way to Negro Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Maryland motorists first noticed the signs along both Interstate 68 and U.S. Alternate Route 40 disappeared sometime in April, though sources at the SHA at first provided no explanation, according to Cumberland Times-News.

Maryland SHA spokeswoman Lora Rakowski finally confirmed Sunday that the state government had indeed taken the signs down for the sake of racial sensitivity…


40 Comments on Maryland State Highway Administration removes signs leading to ‘Negro Mountain’

  1. There go the White Mountains and the Black Hills. They’ll be scouring the country to erase any perception of their twisted view on racism. “The entire country must be sanitized!”

  2. The American taliban are active, destroying all history of our country that leads to thinking about anything other than their own rigid belief.

  3. Remember the unlucky DC city manager who used the word “niggardly” with his employees and was reported to the Department of Racism, or some such nonsense, and later fired? Idiots.

  4. In twenty years, they’ll be complaining that wypipo have ERASED the essence of Blackness in America, and this will be presented as evidence.

  5. I chuckled every time I passed one of those signs, wondering when this would happen.
    Now, it’s up to the Pennsylvania government to either change the name to “Trayvon Martin”, or “Michael Brown” mountain, or just level the entire peak.

  6. Oh to live on Negro Mountain, with the pandering and the liberal loons.
    You can’t be Whitey, on Negro mountain
    Our Wokeness guarantees that you’ll be leaving here real soon

  7. Why don’t they just give it the German name for black and name it Schwarz Mountain, no one will know the difference except for those who speak and understand German. May the Schwarz be with you. And how long will it be till they change the name of Hangman Creek and Hangman Golf Course in the Spokane area. It’s also called Latah Creek but they’d probably change that to since it’s an Indian name.

  8. We have a mountain near here named Nigger Ben, after a real guy. About 35 years ago, the PC Police renamed it “Negro Ben”. After a huge fight, Dead Indian Road was changed to “Dead Indian MEMORIAL Road”. But strangely, Squaw Lakes remains unchanged.

  9. As an illegal I take offense to them saying our word for black is racist! Do they want us to leave? Where is the sanctuary in this decision?

  10. Wait until they suggest that every state, lake, city, mountain, river, park, cave, hill, tree, prairie, pond and road names be changed to numbers.

    Wait. Are numbers racist?

  11. Arnold Swartznegger is in BIG trouble

    btw, part of Negro Mt. runs thru MD … whadda they gonna do? move it? … smfh

  12. I never use the stuff, but has Maryland also outlawed advertising Rapeseed oil (aka Canola, that is a variant)? Or other rapeseed products?

  13. B-but what if you’re from out of town and NEED to get to Negro Mountain?

    And don’t get no cute ideas about the Grand Tetons!

  14. Need to get to Negro Mountain, no problem.
    Keep going straight. When you get to the intersection that has a KFC, Popeyes, Chic filet and Church’s on each corner, hang a right, oops, I mean turn right…


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