Homicides Increase 54% in Washington D.C. for 2015 – IOTW Report

Homicides Increase 54% in Washington D.C. for 2015


Breitbart: Despite an overall drop in crime, Washington D.C. has nonetheless experienced a whopping 54 percent increase in its murder rate for 2015, the city reports.

At 119 homicides for 2015, the murder rate surpassed that of each of the last four years. 2012 saw only 88 murders, while 2013 hit 104, and 2014 saw 105 murders.

The rise comes despite the fact that the overall crime rate has dropped four percent in the nation’s capital.


9 Comments on Homicides Increase 54% in Washington D.C. for 2015

  1. You can clearly see the murderers are dumb fuks. There is about 500 men and women that could die and make everyone’s life so much easier but the perps continue to kill fro trivial booty when in fact they should kill for the future of their spawn.

  2. Rate is probably a lot higher than reported, especially if they use same statisticians who track the unemployment rate, Ocommie Care enrollees, budget cuts, number of terrorists being allowed in, or number of illegals coming over the border.

  3. That is impossible. Murder is illegal in DC, therefore no murders can happen.

    Like gun in ‘gun free’ zones. Never happens.

  4. The people living there, who are paid by the citizen taxpayers, by their incompetence, immoral agendas or misguided policies are enabling an increase in murders worldwide. Why wouldn’t it also be happening in their own town?

  5. ….and yet DC has some of the most restrictive gun in the US

    must be all those ‘concealed carry’ crazies from Virginia …..yeah, that’s it!

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