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Homosexual Says Funeral Home Wouldn’t Cremate His Husband

A Mississippi funeral home is under attack by the gay mafia, alleging that they wouldn’t cremate a guy’s husband when they learned of the sexual orientation of the deceased.

The funeral parlor is being inundated with calls from people who have their knives out, even though the funeral parlor has been denying all charges.

A lawsuit against the Picayune Funeral Parlor has been lodged, with the owner bewildered because she says she’s never turned down a single customer in all her years of service.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story, because it seems a little hard to believe that someone would object to sliding a corpse into a furnace.


19 Comments on Homosexual Says Funeral Home Wouldn’t Cremate His Husband

  1. Isn’t it funny how gay people constantly need to lie and fabricate oppression, meanwhile we are repeatedly hit over the head by the media, television and ‘specialists’ on how oppressed gay people are?

    I’m telling you, take the money/profit out of victimhood and the world would be a much brighter place for everyone.

  2. Just like Jews spray painting anti semitic crap on synagogs, and blacks spray painting racist crap on their own homes, this is just the queers looking to stay in the public eye.

  3. Fake victimhood BS. Bet he’s all layered up in advance and is rubbing his hands, counting all the things he’ll buy after the shakedown settlement succeeds.

    And yep, he had a butt buddy, not a “husband”.
    My wife has a husband.

  4. Funerals and funerals homes are some of the most regulated businesses in our over regulated nation. There are specifications as to what the corpse can wear, and other laws. If the lady turned down the request, it was likely because it was not a legal request. At the end of the day, they want to make money and don’t care about anything else.

  5. Above all else most gays are attention whores who think they need to always be in the spotlight and want to continually shove their mental illness in everyone else’s faces.

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