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House Republicans Introduce “Women’s Bill of Rights”

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On Thursday, Republicans introduced legislation dubbed a “Women’s Bill of Rights” that Democrats won’t like at all.

Why not? Democrats claim to be advocates of women’s rights and gender equality, so why wouldn’t they support a “Women’s Bill of Rights”?

Because the legislation proposed would enshrine into law protections for biological females—without including men who “identify” as women. More

12 Comments on House Republicans Introduce “Women’s Bill of Rights”

  1. I like the idea of the Republicans queuing up some sensible bills in anticipation of retaking Congress. It shows a plan, it demonstrates hope/optimism and, if done well, it highlights the lunacy of leftist policy.

  2. Isolate the clowns in the circus. Happy clowns to the right and sad clowns to the left.

  3. This is part of the balance act. As the lefts world crumbles and they get a front row seat to the lies the were sold they will need something solid, normal to hold onto. The ones too far gone will just implode.

  4. I don’t think anyone would have identified as anything else, were it not for Soul Man. I blame C. Thomas Howell.

  5. My wife was using a public women’s restroom a few days ago and someone came into the stall next to her, she said she couldn’t help but notice the large shoes because the person was standing facing the toilet with their legs spread. Then she said she heard them peeing and it sounded like a horse and it had to be a man. Said it made her feel very uncomfortable and she got out as fast as she could.
    I wish this nonsense would stop.

  6. Any Bill of Rights should apply equally to everyone, but in the democRATz relentless pursuit of “Equality” they have deliberately created extreme inequality with their gender denials, something so basic even a caveman understood! So here we are creating a Women’s Bill of Rights.
    If they couldn’t enforce the Bill of Rights for everyone before, what makes them think thsy can enforce this?

  7. How bout Legislation to equate electoral fraud with Treason, punishable by Death?
    It would quickly separate those who support electoral fraud from those who don’t.

    Of course that’s why it’ll never be done.

    And the nihilistic socialists can smell a trap as easily as a fox. Some committee will take it and add so much bullshit that even the Repubes won’t vote for it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Looks like republicans are trying to give democrats a way to beat the the longest filibuster on record when democrats rallied against civil rights. Soon we’ll know if democrats hate rights of women specifically more than the rights of all people.


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