House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocks socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – IOTW Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocks socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The claws are out.

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  1. Nancy has problems counting. To be so delusional thinking what she see’s is hands in a Number 1 sign,,
    Looking so forward to watching this devour her own kind!

  2. Each wing and the entire group of democrats are pissing off everyone. Cherokees are pissed at Bernie and all the rats in the fake Indian’s corner, especially Bernie right now who used a Cherokee supporters’ article on the fake Indian to trash Trump.
    The different wings who are wanting to take meat away are pissing off the 99% of registered democrats who eat meat.
    The 30 something percent of registered democrats who don’t want open borders or illegal immigrants are pissed at the about 99.9% of rat politicians who want open borders and illegals.
    The other 70 percent are pissed that the rat politicians are speaking out against illegals being shipped to sanctuary cities because they’re stereotyping them as dangerous people.
    The 40 percent of registered democrats who actually care about their country and remember 9/11 are pissed at the crazy muslim chick and pissed at the rat politicians coming to her rescue, the other 60 percent are pissed they aren’t defending her enough.

    Things don’t look too good for the rat party these days.

  3. If the swamp don’t drain, it might just get bigger
    I’ve found that, when scraps of food and garbage clog the drain in the sink, swirling the water around helps to get the drain going again. In the spirit of being a helpful hand, I try to do what I can to keep things stirred up for them. Chumming their waters, in a way.

  4. When those five mouths are the only mouths heard or read about in the media, five people becomes a big crowd, Nancy. It’s the influence that counts, not the head count. You can’t say either that they are only five votes, because all Democrats in Congress will vote the same no matter what. They are not even allowed to stand and clap without permission; ask Joe Manchin.

  5. In either case although they’re slightly different in approach they both represent a whole lot of stupid people and they’re both laboring away to dismantle the republic. Truly dangerous scum.

  6. All the minutiae and multiple candidates is a scheme, the same scheme as it ever was. When it comes to the wire, there will be a savior on the ballot for 2020 to bring all the demoncrats together.
    A 3rd addition to the rotating dynasties that have plagued us for decades.


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