Tales of Garage Sale Finds

A customer made a rare find but informed the seller instead of scooping it up.


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  1. Previously posted in bad taste and thought too much about it and deleted,
    Old Racist White Woman, now I’m the one that’s sorry,,
    h/t regards

  2. there was a bat for sale on craigslist baltimore just a day or two ago. The grip was well worn, but it said ‘only used once’

  3. Missed the point in going to “2 to 5000” garage sales. So he only wants to rip off the owner on 1 dollar items sold for 25 cents apparently.

  4. I once picked up a blackberry that was smashed with a hammer and rendered useless but it belonged to a famous politician and must be worth something for collectors.

  5. Found a copy of the Beatles’ Butcher cover, undamaged and uncovered in a friends’ basement after his dad told me to “take whatever I wanted” – he was a promoter. I told him. He framed it.

    I found a 1957 Fender Champ amplifier at a flea market, asked “how much do ya want for the projector box”, and paid $15 for it. 😀

    I run hot and cold.

  6. I have 6000 Ebay auctions under my belt.
    Made my living for 4 years on Ebay.
    Never educate anybody.Those fake “picker”
    TV shows hurt alot people like me when
    they came out…

  7. I got a box of china, (Wife’s pattern) that contained all the serving dishes right down to espresso demitasses. When priced online the value was over $1000… I paid $50

  8. I bought Janis Joplin’s vaginal douche at a garage sale in LA. It was a bargain, still shrink-wrapped in the original packaging. Never used.


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