Tales of Garage Sale Finds – IOTW Report

Tales of Garage Sale Finds

A customer made a rare find but informed the seller instead of scooping it up.


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  1. I once picked up a blackberry that was smashed with a hammer and rendered useless but it belonged to a famous politician and must be worth something for collectors.

  2. Found a copy of the Beatles’ Butcher cover, undamaged and uncovered in a friends’ basement after his dad told me to “take whatever I wanted” – he was a promoter. I told him. He framed it.

    I found a 1957 Fender Champ amplifier at a flea market, asked “how much do ya want for the projector box”, and paid $15 for it. 😀

    I run hot and cold.

  3. I have 6000 Ebay auctions under my belt.
    Made my living for 4 years on Ebay.
    Never educate anybody.Those fake “picker”
    TV shows hurt alot people like me when
    they came out…

  4. I got a box of china, (Wife’s pattern) that contained all the serving dishes right down to espresso demitasses. When priced online the value was over $1000… I paid $50


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