House to consider impeachment of I.R.S. chief at misconduct hearing Tuesday

WASHINGTON, May 23 (UPI) — When the U.S. House Judiciary Committee meets Tuesday to address allegations involving Internal Revenue Service chief John Koskinen, it is also expected to consider taking an action that hasn’t happened in nearly 150 years — impeachment.

The panel will discuss Tuesday allegations that Koskinen lied under oath when testifying before Congress and defied a congressional subpoena.

Such a proceeding is a rare event, as congressional bodies rarely take steps to remove any administration official from office. The last time that happened was 1876, 140 years ago, when Secretary of War William Belknap was impeached.  more

9 Comments on House to consider impeachment of I.R.S. chief at misconduct hearing Tuesday

  1. I’ll believe that the Republitards are “considering” impeaching Koskinen when I see a broadcast of him doing the “frog march” in “silver bracelets”.

  2. And did you hear? Vietnam is now our friend, just like Iran, Cuba, Russia (after all, we used the reset button on Russia and poof, we’re friends). All accomplished as the trust our longtime friends have had for us has diminished. Who do we thank? Hillary and Obamination and brain dead Kerry.

    So far, the jerk in command has released the scum of the world and our nation, so they might continue destruction of civilization.

    It’s like when you go into a room at night, turn on the light, and cockroaches run everywhere. King Cockroach Obama has loosed his fellow cockroaches.

    Who is next, North Korea, China, Yemen? Can’t be Somalia, because he is importing that populace as fast as he can.

  3. Comforting to know there has been no need to impeach an administration official in almost 150 years. Nothing like good old fashion American integrity in public office.

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