“We Both Like Rap”

Now Swiss idiots are helping Muslim immigrants into the country by marrying them.


A court in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, has refused the marriage application of a 71-year-old great-grandmother and her 21-year-old fiancé. The Vaud cantonal court didn’t believe they were in love, but that the man, from Tunisia, simply wanted to live in Switzerland.

The Swiss pensioner said she met her 21-year-old boyfriend on the internet when he was just 18. “We both like rap, walks in the countryside. We have the same ideas,” said the retired secretary, who was previously married to a man 13 years her junior. Having never met her intended in person, in August last year the woman took a five-day visit to Tunisia to visit him.

The couple then lodged their request to marry with the Swiss ambassador in Tunisia. But a court refused the request at the end of April, judging it “emotional fraud with the aim of migration”, the Vaud civil registry office said. According to Swiss law, couples wishing to get married must submit an application to the registry office in their place of residence.


7 Comments on “We Both Like Rap”

  1. “We both like rap”??? Sounds like a solid foundation for a marriage.

    Tell ya what snowflake, why don’t you go to Tunisia and park your 71 year old ass there?

  2. TO Necro

    Yeah…sorta reminds me of the opening scenes
    in “The Producers” where the little old lady tells
    Zero Mostel (her “chauffeur”) to “pull over, you naughty boy”.

  3. She’s lucky that her nation is looking out for itself. Her young groom would have murdered her in his sleep, I’m sure.

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