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How Ridiculous is ESPN? THIS RIDICULOUS!!

ESPN removes football announcer from Virginia game because he happens to have the name Robert Lee/

Oh, and he’s Asian.

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I watched espn. Or a UVA game for that matter.

    Who cares? I feel badly for Mr. Lee. He should sue.

  2. Robert’s sister, Ho Lee, who is engaged to be married to a member of the Schitt family, was unavailable for comment.

  3. ESPN has grown more and more psychotic as time has gone on. Need to put the whole operation on meds, or better yet, pull the plug on them and put them all in an asylum with many padded cells. These lunatics shouldn’t be allowed to come out in public.

  4. I guess the question is, “do they offend you enough to just turn them off forever?” If not, why bitch?
    Personally, I quit watching TV in total 12 years ago, and really don’t intend to return.

  5. “In that moment it felt right to all parties.”

    I bet it didn’t feel so right to Bobby Lee. So much for Diversity.

  6. So tonight I discovered where these Libtards come from. They’re Aliens. No I’m not talking about from Mexico, I’m talking from outer space and tonight I saw proof. I had to swing in the local Safeway Gas Station and pick up a can of Cope. They know me there. They hire private unarmed security. None of them are white. Most are little fat Mexicans. One in particular always gives me the stink eye every time he sees me. Apparently he’s not a big fan of big white guys. Back to the story. I walk into the Gas Station Store and behind the counter is a little guy I know well and Mr. Stink eye. The guy behind the counter is a character. He say to me “Do you believe in aliens?” I say “I’m pretty sure that Mxther Fxcker right there is an illegal one” pointing at idiot security guard. He uncomfortably laughed. The stink eye is hard to administer when standing next to the intended victim. Back to the story. The guy behind the counter says check this out, he pulls a bunch of Polaroids out of an envelope. Turns out he took a bunch of Polaroids of strange lights he saw in his backyard 25 years ago. He left them laying on a table overnight to cure. Next morning he gathered them and two of them had strange almost stick looking designs on them. Until you put them together and then it clearly one very long weird finger. Here’s the deal, he had a Geiger counter, only those two pictures are radioactive. I’m convinced.

  7. This is the same bullshit we used to revolt against to throw the hogwash back at the crybabies until they saw our point in a reasonable light.

    My kids came back from orientation day at school today. A main topic was gun imagery. If you make a shape of a gun or simulate a gun in any manner that’s grounds for expulsion for a year. Even your index finger and thumb extended.

    You know what would happen on the first day of school if this was 1980 again? Every kid in school would be expelled for the year after the first day.

    I told my kids to get in the habit of pointing at things with their thumb extended. I told my oldest to peel the “no guns” image sticker off the front door on behalf of the current school program. It’s a bit hypocritical to have a gun image as the first thing they see when walking into the school.

    It’s astounding how the political correctness has “progressed.”

    To the point and topic: Tell people your name is Robert Lee. If it’s not, tell them that’s how you would like to be addressed. After all, selecting a biological gender in the morning, Robert vs Roberta, is completely normal. Once everyone is Robert Lee, the goofs will see how goofy they are and things will change right quick.

  8. Jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation so I’d say espen isnt going anywhere unfortunately.

    I watch espen decades ago with Chris Bermann and Unibrow were on. That was waaaaaay back when they were both funny and entertaining.

  9. @ Bad Brad 11:19 pm….I watched the eclipse yesterday….your drunk!!!!! maybe stupid drunk…..offer me a bass bait and then I’ll know your drunk….

  10. Willy, The story about the Polaroids is absolutely true. Including the radioactive part. Come Fire Dance With Me.

  11. Happy now, Proggies?
    No of course they aren’t. They’re never happy until the rest of society is as screwed up as themselves.
    Honest to God, the sheer insanity from these idiots is blinding and deafening at the same time. There is no rationalizing with them.
    To see that this craziness has crept into once great corporations like ESPN should alarm everyone.

  12. Just received a memo from the ould sod. It seems that the new gay Prime Minister od Ireland (An Taoiseach) is being petitioned by the Ancient Order of Gaylicks, to change the name of the River Lee, which flows through Cork City. The AOG says the name is too Southern American and racist.
    This may be fake news as I cannot verify at this time. BUT,YOU NEVER KNOW.

  13. Copenhagen? OK, I could have guessed if I had thought about it. You know something weird, all the rental cars in Anchorage have an air freshener sprayed in them that smells like Copenhagen. WTF?

  14. I’ve put a couple specks of that in my mouth once, I had to look for my dog so I could lick his ass and get the taste out of my mouth.

  15. Your ignoring my proof aliens exist. I’m going back tomorrow for I Phone pics of this shit. You will freak out. Or something.

  16. That’s what I’ve heard. I’ve had buddies in the oilfield that had a pinch in their mouth all day, and didn’t spit, swallowed it. I wonder how long it’s been since they have tasted their food.

  17. Yep, and the smell of Copenhagen seems to linger. That’s bad stuff. But then I could be guilty of bad habits too, so I’m no one to say.

  18. What’s wierd to me about this thread is, even though I don’t know anyone who uses tobacco other than smoking it, I knew what Cope is. Took me back to when I was 5, and hung out in my grandmother’s package liquor store.

    Oh well, guess I needed to post my daily useless comment.

    BTW Brad, I shot my first 1911 Sunday. Not a flash bang holster candidate. 🙂

  19. “BTW Brad, I shot my first 1911 Sunday. Not a flash bang holster candidate.”

    LOL, probably not. Shot placement is paramount. A good 9mm is tough to beat. Joe6pack just picked up a Shield for his wifey. Maybe he’ll give us a little product review. Never shot one myself but women and some men love them. A little small for me. Shooten pistols is an art form. Your weak hand is actually your strong hand and vise versa. There’s a lot to it.

  20. Once the topic changes it never gets back. The topic was ESPN stupidity now it’s tobacco and guns. FFS!
    I’m off to the couch.

  21. Brad, I’m really in love with Sig P938 for possible carry. Love to shoot my Glock 26 at the range, but finding the Sig kinder to my arthritic hands.

  22. Night, night peeps.
    Five and half hour drive today turned into seven and half hours. The great land of Lincoln…seventy-five minutes to make fifteen miles. Construction, but no workmen. I-DOT horror story both ways during trip. IL is so screwed up. Top off the construction, during the trip I learned that gov is geared to sign on to making IL a sanctuary state.
    Sweet dreams.

  23. Man, espn, talk about RACIST. You idiots take the cake, releasing an employee because of his Asian name. The suck is strong with you.

  24. I like the logic here. Anyone named Jefferson, Washington, or Johnson should be kicked off of every team for being descendants of white privilege.

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