How Schiff Talked The Senate Out Of Believing Him


Despite another length day of House managers repeating the same tripe and the president’s defense counsel pants the democrats for 8 hours yesterday, there were a few telling moments. In the war of words, it seems Adam Schiff managed to shoot himself and his side at least three times during questioning in the Senate impeachment hearting.

The House impeachment managers probably won’t be able to repair  case as questioning continues today. Given the extend of the damage done it appears likely that the Senate will vote against witnesses tomorrow and end this whole charade by acquitting the president. Here 

6 Comments on How Schiff Talked The Senate Out Of Believing Him

  1. But did he talk John Julia Roberts out of believing him? That fella is a little bit credulous where Dems are concerned. Mitch better go explain the situation to him. In nice, genteel language, though, because John Julia frowns on angry, intemperate language. So let me just say to him: Don’t fack this up, arsehole, we are almost out of the woods. Mute your response, please.

  2. I know most conservatives learned Roberts true colors when he wrote the law for Obamacare, but any left with any doubts, just listen to how Schiff begged for him to be a one man SCOTUS and rule on constitutional issues to force witnesses to testify.

  3. That picture at the link says everything. Sad sac, angry, nose in the air, elitist thugs. How dare the peons question them.


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