How stupid do they think we are? How stupid are they?

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  1. Without a 2nd Amendment and a hard left Govt firmly in control, they can report with glee when people like us get sent to prison camps for right of center thinking.


  2. CRITICAL THINKING: “You keep using that phrase, stupid Leftists. I do not think it means what you think it means.” — Inigo Montoya

  3. the second amendment, like most of the original 10, is a restriction on the GOVERNMENT…not premission for the citizens to do something or other.
    this bunch of leftist seeks to eliminate anything that limits or restricts their power to regulate your life.
    simple isn’t it??

  4. AOC
    “Our Government is literally running concentration camps”

    “You need to turn in you guns no one needs an assault rifle”

  5. ^^^ You can’t ask the question: “How stupid are they?” without bringing up AOC… the woman who doesn’t even know whut a garbage disposal is! Stupidity is like a California wildfire and AOC is the accelerant!

  6. …the Amendments do NOT confer rights. They ACKNOWLEDGE rights given by GOD and His supremacy over ANY human government.

    Democrats are DEFINITELY NOT God.

    They have NO authority to cancel ANY God-Given right.

    Including OUR God-Given right to cancel THEM.

  7. The citizens of the world have no need for firearms to further the destruction of humanity. Therefore, the dems, in the interest of Human Rights, will call on the UN Security Council to vote on sending a strongly worded resolution denouncing China’s imposition of the Hong Kong people.

    Unfortunately, China and Russia will vote NO, and the Council will instead, enact Human Rights Violation #3138 against Israel for their death threats against Reps. Tlaib and Omar.

  8. You register democrat in order to meddle in their primaries. Should DJT lose in 2020, or when he’s out in 2024, you’ve bought yourself free insurance should the democrats be successful with their communist ideas in any fashion. Then you successfully say things like, “what guns?” and “there’s no gold here” while waiting in the weeds with the rest of the silent majority.

  9. Kecp
    AUGUST 20, 2019 AT 7:28 AM
    “You register democrat in order to meddle in their primaries.”

    …lots of people did that in ’08 to stop Hillary.

    Do you want another Obama? Because that’s how you get another Obama. He was a literal and figurative “dark horse”, so – people with no idea what he was – checked HIM as an anti-Hillary vote.

    Those who weren’t voting their skin color, that is.

    …OTOH, it DID stop Hillary, because Songbird would have surrendered to HER, too. Kind of debatable which would have been worse, but Hillary had no Black card, so may have just been another Carter.

    …anyway, doesn’t matter. “Michelle” will be “drafted” at the convention, “reluctantly”, and theatrically, accept as the sole person who can unify Democrats who have been acting EXTRA crazy to make “her” look moderate, and will be nominated, without debate, by acclimation, to run a “He Rayciss” campaign against the President and assure MASSIVE black support.

    The primary, then, will not matter…

  10. SNS, I’m not sure about that, but I did vote for Bernie in 2016 primaries in an attempt to stop Hillary plus convinced a shit load of people to do the same thing. We were “unsuccessful” then too and we got Trump and stopped Hillary.

  11. Demmunists ask “Why even have a 2nd amendment?” Simply for the fact it keeps you in congress from destroying all the other ones.

  12. Again, they will take your guns without endangering the Regime. Propaganda will use the Alinsky road map and add that you must HATE CHILDREN, after all, we are making a safer world for them. Gun manufacturers, dealers and importers will be denied credit and pay extra fees while the legal system sues them into oblivion…Child services will take your kids and hide them away from your nasty gun filled home, businesses will not hire or employ gun owners who must be insured at high costs, Red Flag laws will result in you being determined unbalanced because you support Conservatives and credit will be denied to you , background checks and the Process will be never ending, plus so much more…people will beg the Government to take their guns…that is the plan.

  13. “Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. ” – Chairman Mao.

  14. They aren’t so concerned with getting rid of 2a. They only need to get away with ignoring it completely, just like they ignore the rest of the Constitution.

  15. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

  16. Disarmament is a pre-requisite for Tyranny.

    Athens, Thebes, Melos, Carolingian Empire (I’m skipping around cuz there are just too many), England (post Civil War), Scotland (post Culloden), Former Confederate States (post Civil War), Soviet Union (post Civil War), Spain (post Civil War), China (post Civil War), Cuba (post Civil War), EU, Every Middle East Satrapy, &c., &c., &c.

    And humanity’s learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Apparently, sheep WANT to be sheared and made into mutton.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. I often say some people need a good ass beating to straighten them out.

    Centuries ago, verbal contracts were witnessed by a young healthy boy, who them had the tar beat out of him. The reasoning was he would remember the beating, and also the contract, should it be contested many years in the future.

    Sadly, we can’t give the A-holes at CNN a lesson on the. Constitution and then reinforce the lesson with a baseball bat.

  18. Many of the people who shout for gun control also shout for revolution. Do they plan on arming themselves with kitchen knives and baseball bats?

  19. President washington said almost 225 years ago that the 1st would be toilet paper without the 2nd!

    He was absolutely right!

    Without the 2nd Amd the entire Constitution is worthless! And ALL liberals know this. It is why after the Socialists won the election in ’32 they said the only Germans who may own guns are those THE GOVERNMENT say may own them!

  20. “Blogger Mike Vanderboegh, one of the 2 who first broke this story, fired off a letter in response to the Miami Herald article, in which he made it crystal clear that gun owners have no intention of allowing another round of gun bans, particularly not as a result of government treachery.

    In response to a question one reporter asked him concerning gun control, Vanderboegh replied, ‘If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you.'”

  21. Question: “Why even have a second amendment”?
    Answer, because the founding fathers recognized a tyrants probable agenda way back then.
    Remember, they’d just finished dealing with King George.

  22. How many times has the Left told the world what they want to do to Conservatives? If only we didn’t have guns?…


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