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How to Make Money Stopping Illegal Alien Caravans

Every dollar we spend on border security is a fortune we don’t have to spend on police officers, surveillance cameras, insurance, ER visits, prisons, funerals and the larger sense of insecurity.



There are over 12,000 American military personnel stationed in Italy. It’s a larger active-duty military presence than Afghanistan. We maintain seven bases in Italy at a cost of billions of dollars.

But as President Trump dispatched a mere 5,000 troops, the first wave of a reported 15,000, to secure the border against the migrant caravan invasion, the media threw a tantrum over the cost.

The Washington Post warned darkly that the deployment could cost as much as… $200 million. That would be more impressive if our annual defense budget weren’t hovering around $600 billion.

And those are only the parts that we know about.

To put that into perspective, President Trump has proposed that we spend 0.03% of our military budget on the core mission of the military, protecting our own borders from an invasion. It’s as if he had suggested that we spend at least 0.03% of NASA’s budget on space exploration, instead of global warming and Muslim self-esteem, or 0.03% of the Department of Education’s budget on education instead of on closely monitoring the sexual habits and Halloween costumes of college students.

Deploying soldiers abroad is far more expensive than deploying them at home. And it’s a lot cheaper to stop drug dealers, gang members and terrorists at the border than it is inside the country.

What does $200 million buy us when it comes to national defense?  read more

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  1. Two years from now, when the border is relatively secure, border drug-trafficking is slashed, deportees are staying deported in huge numbers, sanctuary cities are ghost towns after the illegal boom goes bust, crimes against American citizens by illegals are way down, and Americans are taking the jobs back from illegals, is Barky going to step in to claim credit? Or are the Dem prez candidates going to campaign on ending the endless troop deployment in America?


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