Mark Dice: [There wasn’t a Blue Wave]— What Happened? – IOTW Report

Mark Dice: [There wasn’t a Blue Wave]— What Happened?

7 Comments on Mark Dice: [There wasn’t a Blue Wave]— What Happened?

  1. After EVERYTHING that we have seen during the last two (2) years, the fact that anyone would vote for Alinskyite-Progressive Democrats is disheartening. Open Borders; abolishing ICE; allowing illegal aliens to vote? The seventy-plus (70+) years of public education and media brainwashing has been and remains very successful. It is very sad to see how many Americans really hate our Nation. Sad.

  2. Van Jones: Only our hate and divisiveness and bullying is good. Resistance to us is hateful.

    Liberals: I’m going to use curse words ‘cuz I’m sooo edgy and kool!

    Losers. Literally.

  3. Time to start thinking abut Black Friday gun deals, paint the house and find a realtor. Illinois has lost all hope.

  4. Yuri said “the brain washing is irreversible”.
    Those words chilled me when I watched him on utube.
    There is only one option left…

  5. old oakes….when you find a place worth moving to let me know. I don’t think I can survive tin pot dictator gavin newsoms bullshit in commiefornia.

  6. I find it hard to believe that people want America to fail by voting in those communists! They are not dems or progressives, they are communists….PERIOD.


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