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Well, my neighborhood will be in mourning

Patriot Retort: Okay, some brief notes on the election results thus far. Then I’m going to bed.

I don’t know if you guys remember me telling you about a kook in my neighborhood that put out a homemade sign in 2016 that read:


She kept that sign up for months after Trump won.

Well, I found out about three or four weeks ago that this particular kook wasn’t just any old kook. She was the kook running against my squishy Republican Congressman John Katko.

You know, when I found that out, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. My whole neighborhood is far-Left crazy. And this kooky candidate, Dana Balter, is an SU professor. Lots of folks from SU live in this neighborhood since it’s only a short walking distance to the university.

This neighborhood is so deep blue, you’d think most of the people are oxygen-deprived.

The Balter lawn signs outnumbered the Katko lawn signs by …

Who am I kidding? There are no Katko lawn signs in my neighborhood. In fact, you have to drive out a ways from SU to see Katko signs.

I also told you about the SU student who lives in the 4-unit across the street from me. I mentioned him a couple months ago.

He has three poster-board-sized signs in his living room window.


Another one calls Katko a COWARD. And the third one says something about Katko being the enemy of working people – I don’t remember exactly what it says. It’s nearly midnight and my brain isn’t working.

Any old how.

I’d venture to guess that I was one of only maybe ten or twelve people in my ward to vote for Katko today. But given the fact that Balter lives in this neighborhood, she has home court advantage.

Any old how, just a while ago, Fox News called the race for NY-24. And Katko beat Balter like a drum.  more here

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  1. The MSM says it is Trump’s day of reckoning and I agree in the sense that almost everyone he stumped for he pulled over the finish line with just a few exceptions. The real story is Trump and his messaging and style are the pathway to win races. All over the GOP losers were the ones that ran the same old tired campaigns. It just doesn’t work anymore. And Pelosi and company can talk about uniting and bi-partisanship but we all know there is no way that will happen and that messaging is another win for Trump. If they thought everyone hated Trump and his agenda they’d come out swinging instead of trying to tone it down.

  2. The city I live in in Maine is so (out of staters from away) leftist it’s amazing we aren’t a little San Fran. So I can totally relate to this article.

    We have a new Governor who is a liar and is involved in a court case because she lied on official court documents.
    Buh bye tax cuts. Hello smaller paychecks and goodbye
    new businesses.
    But at least Question 1 failed and nationally the R’s kept and gained in the Senate where any foolish spending can be stopped.

  3. Not only did the Senate get some pickups, some squishes are gone so you don’t have to fight Corker and Flake screwing with a one vote majority on every contentious issue.

    So long, phucknuts. Enjoy your girltalk sessions with John Kasich on MSNBC for a year or two before everyone forgets who you were.

  4. Congratulations, Dianny! Schadenfreude is good for you! Enjoy it!

    As for the dogs crapping in your yard, I remember when our boys were small, my wife would collect the dog crap in our yard every morning after I had left for work, put it in a milk carton and deliver it to the back or front porches of the offending dog owners. And, on the few occasions when she was questioned, she did NOT back down! Pretty soon, the dogholes starting picking up their dogs’ crap. Good Luck!

  5. OTOH, we see that was the very best the dems could do, pulling out all the stops.
    I’m both interested and repelled at the same time, thinking about what the next presidential election’s going to be like.


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