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Gab Is Back

The alternative social media site, gab, had been down over a week since it was reported that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter had been posting anti-Semitic messages there.

Host GoDaddy, PayPal and Stripe quickly dropped the service which was only restored Sunday by Seattle start up, Epik. More

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  1. when is this country going to learn that its alright for the new york times to hire an opinion writer for their paper that says fuck white people
    but it’s not alright to say that your against people breaking the immigration laws…because that’s racist.

    when will this country learn?

  2. Social media are the new battleground. I don’t use them, but this is “where it’s at” with low-IQ, youth, leftwad bigots and communists. Violent norming will be prosecuted through Faceborg and Twitts regardless of what we think. So punishing them into equal access is the fight.

    Fire Rosenstein and Sessions within 24 hours Mr. Trump. Get a DOJ that will actually protect us from goolags.


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