How Trump gets a line-item veto

American Thinker: President Trump has been criticized for passing a larded-up budget, but it’s not that simple to get a balanced budget. One way is with the line-item veto, but to achieve this will take some careful strategizing. Here is how it works:

A presidential line-item veto requires an amendment to the Constitution, which Congress will never propose.  Passing such a law would take a two-thirds vote in both House and Senate, and it’s far beyond reach.  What is within reach is proposing a line-item veto amendment through the constitutional alternative  —  through the states, using Article V of the Constitution.

Twenty-eight states have passed resolutions calling for an Amendment Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment.   The line-item veto is simply one method of achieving it.  All 28 resolutions specifically authorize that the amendment may include “… appropriate fiscal restraints”  as a means of balancing the budget.  A line-item veto fits perfectly within this description.

There are currently six Republican-controlled state legislatures, which have not passed a resolution calling for an Amendment Convention  —   Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Kentucky, South Carolina and Virginia.  Fear of a runaway convention has prevented passage in these states.  But if all they are asked to authorize is a line-item veto  — one specific means of getting to a balanced budget  — their fears can be overcome.  It narrows the scope of the call.  And President Trump can personally guarantee that no runaway convention will occur on his watch.  more

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  1. Well we certainly don’t want to discuss term limits with congress. That is what they really fear. Along with any law they pass they live by the same rules, no exceptions.

  2. The president should just refuse (and stick to it) to sign huge 1000s page bills like the omnibus. Come up with a fair word count and reject without reading anything over that. Congress can back to having separate appropriation bills for the military, transportation, etc.

  3. Wasn’t a budget. I highly doubt a convention will be held.

    It would slaughter the left, it removes any benefit of population density.

  4. “And President Trump can personally guarantee that no runaway convention will occur on his watch.”

    The President has the constitutional authority to veto the discussions of an Article V convention? Wow! You learn some deep thoughts every day.

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