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Stop Clowning Around

It seems the nation has turned its back on its clowns. From scary clowns in the movies, to circuses like Ringling Brothers, to McDonald’s Ronald, clowns seem to be an endangered species.

Those that still make appearances have actually begun performing without their makeup. Like Chuck Schumer.


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  1. When I started making balloon creations some 17 years ago, I used to be a clown.

    As a clown (Auguste) I discovered that a lot children were terrified of clowns…

    When I tell parents what I do in the day time.. I discover that parents are terrified of social workers….

    (Looks at child nodding my head up and down) How did you get that bruise… Did your mommmy do that?

  2. It has its benefits. 17 of us clowns are able to carpool to work in a Ford Fiesta.

  3. Schmuckles is gonna finish OFF clowns (other than the “ass” variety 🙄 ) forever.

    He’s MUCH scarier than anything Stephen King ever dreamed up! 😮 😮 😮

  4. A grade school friend was a clown. Problem: although her outfit was impeccable, she wasn’t funny, was condescending and scary. As an alum, she was probably at this convention. Probably because of her and Gacy and King, I don’t like clowns. @aleon I too remember the 0bama rodeo clown. Now, that was funny, the way it should be.

  5. Coulrophobia, I don’t fear them, it’s like Islamphobia, I don’t fear them either.
    I just want to rip their wig off and wire brush their face.
    I do not like anything about clowns.
    Gacy made me this way.

  6. Oh, yep, I hate clowns too.

    It was the original Poltergeist that did it.

    Reading Pennywise in the early 80’s firmed it up.

  7. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk March 31, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    > 17 of us clowns are able to carpool to work in a Ford Fiesta.

    If you could teach Party members to do that in Ford Pintos, I’d be impressed.

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