Hudson, Ohio Mayor Says “Resign or be charged with underage pornography”

Here is the entire school  board meeting video in which the mayor of Hudson, Ohio said the entire board must resign or face charges against them for disseminating child pornography. This concerns an advanced writing course “642” prompts for writing which included a number of prompts for the student to write explicitly about sexual fantasies, encounters, “firsts”, etc.  It also “prompted” students to drink and write about that experience; to imagine themselves as a serial killer, etc.

The mayor was the last one to speak after several parents spoke their total disgust into the public record.

This is a short clip of the mayor’s very concise statement:


16 Comments on Hudson, Ohio Mayor Says “Resign or be charged with underage pornography”

  1. I keep hearing about all these elites being secret pedophiles and child traffickers, but I gotta say, some of tyese local school boards are giving them a run for the money. What the hell, people? I could be wrong, tuough. Maybe I missed the expose’ of Drag Queen Story Hour at Davos.

  2. This is so disgusting. It’s a book for the teachers to get off on reading it after a child wrote it.

    Why else would they have kids write from these prompts?

    I am also going to put this out as a stone cold natural fact: It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning sense of logic that “teachers” have been using such writings to select which students are vulnerable to their advances and acting on that knowledge.

  3. I sent my kids to private school.
    That is why I drive a 7 year old used car.

    No Harley, BMW, Porsche, Boat, Ski Doo, but worth every penny.
    Passports been expired for 24 years so far.

  4. If I catch an adult grooming any of my children I will personally deal with it. They damn well better know what is in material they are assigning my kids, because there is absolutely no other reason for this to be in that book other than what I posted above. Absolutely no other reason.

  5. My grandfather and his like-minded citizens knew what to do to people like this, and how to do it. That’s why this kind of thing didn’t happen back then. My father did too, but this kind of crap wasn’t a problem when he raised his kids, either. It wasn’t a problem when I raised my boys. It damn sure is a problem, now. These sick bastards mean to destroy the minds of young people and good people had better summon the courage to stop it.

  6. Resign OR …?
    I thought child pornography was a felony?
    Where dafuq is the DA? The Board shouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Don’t fight with school boards. Just take your kids out of school — today!

    There are so many school options that leaving your kid in a public school is insane. Home school, Co-Ops, church schools, private schools.

    Home School Legal Defense will tell you how to take your kids out of school, how to keep them out and how to stay out of trouble. The kids who are really learning today will be the leaders tomorrow.


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