Minaj disputes White House claim rapper only offered call, not visit about COVID vaccine concerns

“Do y’all think I was lying about going to the White House,” Minaj said on a social media post.

Just The News: White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday singer/songwriter Nicki Minaj has been offered a conversation with a doctor over concerns about a possible COVID-19 vaccine reaction, but not an official White House visit, as Minaj has said.

“We don’t see this as a point of contention,” said Psaki during a press briefing, further saying thee House frequently, and occasionally behind the scenes, engages with influences and others with a large audience platform.  

The Trinidad-born Minaj tweeted Monday that she had been invited to the White House, after complaining about the Met Gala’s vaccine requirements and saying a friend of family member became impotent after getting inoculated.Β  more

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  1. Remember when Kanye started tweeting rational, about 3 years ago? I am surprised, but am very impressed both by Minaj’s willingness to stand up to the mob and her ability to articulate exactly what is going on. She did her research on Joy Reid, nailed her to the wall with details of her horrid past.

  2. @Bob – if you have seen her tweets she doesn’t spout conspiracy theory about treatments or the vaccine, simply advocates that each person do his own research and make his own decision. I certainly wouldn’t look to her for medical advice, but I appreciate that she reaches tens of millions of impressionable young people, and the advice she has given the past few days of simply thinking for yourself is something I appreciate. No need to extend that respect to her WAP music.

  3. @ Bob

    If you want to put it that way…

    She can influence other low rent g(h)etto whores to do the right thing.

    Keep your eye on the target, Bob. It’s pretty stupid to not acknowledge someone doing the right thing, regardless of their past.

    Once you get saved by Jesus, you’ll understand.

  4. When the left censored what can be considered in debate regarding the vaccination, they forfeit any right to criticize this dingbat for getting information to base her personal decision from whatever sources she manages to come across. That is the bottom line. Unless and until I have the opportunity to consider opinion from across the spectrum, I am going to maintain the status quo and remain unvaxed. Once information is readily available for me to consider, vet, give weight to and decide I may change my mind. Until then, sod off and mind your own business.


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