Hula State employees watch too much Hulu

State employees watch 100 to 300 hours of Netflix at work a week

HNN– The state has just begun to block state employees from being able to access video streaming services such as “Netflix” and “Hulu” from their on-the-job computers.

employees watching tv

And Hawaii News Now has learned the state workforce spent anywhere from 100 to 300 hours in one week recently watching Netflix.

Famous for its award-winning dramas such as “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black,” Netflix was the video streaming service most used by state employees who watched about 274- gigabytes of Netflix programs in one week from July 28 to Aug. 4, according to the state Office of Information Management and Technology.

“Now it’s perfectly reasonable that they might use You Tube.  The state uploads its own videos to You Tube.  Some of these other services, maybe. But when you are looking at Netflix, you’re looking at Hulu, these are primarily entertainment services,” said Ryan Ozama, communications director for Hawaii Information Service.

So the state has cut-off state workers’ access to Netflix and Hulu. MORE

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