Detroit’s Luxury Cruise Ship Dock

Detroit News-

Taxpayers anted up $22 million for a new Detroit riverfront building to entice Great Lakes cruise ships and other passenger traffic. They built it — but the ships never came.

Instead, four years after construction of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority public dock, the building is used almost exclusively by a politically connected catering company for deluxe weddings and other parties.

Only one cruise ship has docked this year at the sleek, 21,000-square-foot building near the Renaissance Center — more  ht/ Rob e.


And that one cruise ship was stripped in half an hour.


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  1. Lived the first half of my life 3 hours from Detroit. Been there twice. Once to see Mark “The Bird” Fidrych pitch for the Tigers in Tiger Stadium. The second time was to visit the Renaissance Center (in the late 70s). It was beautiful.

  2. Similar story, lived here mid 60’s to early 70’s. Detroit riots followed by the 68 Tigers. Lots of memories. I was a lot closer the the city, almost in it.

  3. That must have been scary living so close to the riots. My high school had cops patrolling the halls for my last two years there. I never walked alone in the school after one close call. Hope I don’t have to live through that again – even though Obama sure is trying to make it happen.

    But, aahhh, 68 Tigers! Denny McLain, Mickey Lolich, Al Kaline, Willie Horton. My dad loved baseball and he didn’t touch ground for days after the Series.

  4. Those were exciting years. We were in Detroit the night the Tigers clinched the pennant in 68 (we weren’t at the game) and they were torching cars and throwing rocks, it was just general mayhem. For some reason my mom stayed calm and just took us home like nothing happened.

  5. Who knew there are other Michiganders out there. Iny adopted state of The People’s Socialist Democratic California I’m the only one. Mickey Lolich and al kaline….

  6. 4 of us from High School drove out to check things out,boy were we sorry. Got told to go back.Never did tell the Parents.
    Still in the Burb”s.

  7. I happen to be an avid cruiser. I have 2 booked, one in September and one in December. There’s no way in hell any cruise line such as Princess/Carnival/NCL would ever set up a cruise ship operation there. No one wants to go to that $hit hole. Now we all know why they’re bankrupt.

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