If the sagging pants fit, wear em’

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Henderson State University in Arkansas put up a sign that said they would be no tolerance for Profanity, Excessive Loudness, Rude Behavior, and Sagging Pants.

Blacks were insulted.

That’s weird.

If there was a sign that said “Raping will not be tolerated” and Norwegians came forward and said they were insulted it would be weird, no?

So why do blacks think that this sign was aimed at them? Maybe they could be upset with the sagging pants, because this ridiculous fashion statement seems to be something they think is great looking, cool and practical. (It’s not, especially when running from the police.) But why would they think excessive loudness, rude behavior and profanity is describing blacks?

That they are insulted is the bigger insult, and it’s self-inflicted.


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  1. This is so absurd I almost don’t know where to begin. If blacks prefer to think only blacks wear sagging pants, have at it, but should label themselves racist, not anyone else.

    Periodically I see someone with those stupid pants and can’t help but think this idiotic “fashion” is akin to what I say of most high heels: “the modern-day form of foot binding.” (I know, guys, they look nice, but in my experience most women have some complaint re: how the shoes affect them physically, and many can’t even walk properly in them.)

    Anyway, same here: I see them and every single one has some issue with the pants, which typically are accompanied by a shirt not long enough to conceal their arses, which themselves are covered only in their undergarments. Seriously, the **whole** thing is there for the world to see if they lift their arms up high enough to reach an eye-level bookshelf.

    Then the belt wrapped tightly around their upper thighs means they can’t even walk correctly–and that’s assuming the belt even stays up.

  2. Those eeeevil, capitalist blacks JUST DON’T CAAARE!

    There are millions around the world who go around without enough clothes on their backs, and these ingrates have the callousness to flaunt their excess and wealth!!!

    I demand a SAGGY PANTS TAX!

  3. So if a sign was put up that said, no hard work, no knowing who is and being married to your child’s mother/father BEFORE the child is born and subsequently supporting them, no being polite to others, and no dressing like a slut/fool were posted, would conservatives be offended?

  4. I have a friend who’s uncle spent some time in the “Big House”. According to him, the style started in prison where some of the “friendlier” types wanted to advertise that they were “Open for Business”. I guess the rest of them thought it was some sort of hard-core gangsta thing and decided to copy it.

  5. Fuck them! I’m sick of their horrible, impracticable fashion they have foisted upon the world. Fro quite a few years I had to put up with shorts that were in fact long pants for kids that out paced them.

    Damn it, in the summer months, I want to be cool as possible as I work outdoors on the hot sweltering roof and 3/4 length pants ain’t cutting it not to mention they get hung up on my knees constantly. Not looking for hot pant type shorts but come on now, allowing people that don’t work to influence clothes for work, that’s worse than stupid!

  6. No dirty sleeveless flannels,

    no tobacco spittin,

    no exposed saggy beer gut,

    no smelly pits and

    sister OR cousin screwin will not be tolerated on these premises.

    I dont think rednecks would be offended but they might walk away with heads hung in disappointment.

  7. If the sign had an asterisk and said “blacks can ignore this sign” they would scream that’s racist too.

    They are in constant need to pick a fight. It’s a cultural/psychological thing. They are the “victim cult”.

    Remember, black lesbian transgender feminists are so “underappreciated” they just held a summit at the white house to mandate “appreciation”. White feminist lesbian trannys need to just shut up. So, yes, they are always looking to pick k a fight even when there is none. Henderson College will probably remove them sign shortly.

  8. That reminds me . . .
    Haven’t heard anything out of Larry the Cable Guy lately (except the pill commercial).
    Wonder what he’s been up to.

  9. Wear saggy pants?

    Get a summer sausage pounded into your butt with a rubber mallet.

    Sometimes cruel and unusual punishment works.

  10. When I see droopy pants I think their diaper needs changing.
    Most of them would know better than to apply for a job with those pants hanging that low, but then again most of them are applying for jobs, so no worries.

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