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 Hunter Biden Found Guilty

Jurors on Tuesday returned a verdict in Hunter Biden’s criminal gun trial after three hours of deliberations.

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  1. Doesn’t matter. He won’t get jail, they will use it to “prove” that justice is fair, and after the election, no matter who wins his daddy will pardon him.

  2. It is a squirrel. The Ukraine stuff is a level of magnitude more significant. That’s what this is all about is muddying up the water to the degree that the Ukraine stuff is not brought to the surface.

  3. One hour community service, suspended.

    He is, however, now a convicted felon. Those three guilty verdicts ought to stay on the books maybe as much a week or two.

  4. Reports say Jill wasn’t there for the verdict. That’s a message sent, probably that Hunter’s on his own.

    They are saying he’s the first family member of a sitting president to be found a felon. I think some supervised time by adults would be good for Hunter.

  5. Won’t go to jail BUT…. STOPS THE IDIOTS from saying “Convicted Felon Trump”.

    If so, then the argument is “What did Trump get convicted of? Biden? GUN CHARGES!”

    It’s a cluster F for the Democrats and they are desperate.

    Only one major thing working against Trump – VOTER FRAUD!

    Other than that, he should win in a landslide.

  6. “No one is above the law” the Deep State/Uniparty montra playing out with this Hunter version of a show trail. Meaning Hunter committed real crimes, but won’t receive significant punishment.

    Hunter’s the left’s whipping boy for the cause and cover of a Trump conviction, even though President Trump committed no crimes.
    The goal – persecution of Biden’s political opponent, President Trump.
    The result- election interference.

    The left may continue to convict Hunter of the real crimes he’s committed to keep up the lie they care about “justice”. All this to justify what they have done to President Trump.

  7. why should a man who is unable to be tried for his own crimes (due to lack of cognitive ability) be allowed to grant a pardon to this prolific criminal offender… confidence in justice is at an all time low… this will drive a larger divide in this country…


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