Hunter Biden’s Firms Scored Reportedly Hundreds of Millions from Russians, Chinese, and Kazakhs

Why is Joe Biden still in the race?

Breitbart: Hunter Biden, son of 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, has come under scrutiny for his business links to Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma while his father was vice president.

Now, a new book by author Peter Schweizer reveals Hunter Biden forged other business deals with individuals and entities tied with the governments of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan, that reportedly scored him hundreds of millions of dollars.

The book, titled Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite., lays out how Hunter Biden and his business partners, in addition to his numerous Rosemont-branded entities and ventures, was deeply involved with an entity called the Burnham Financial Group.

Hunter and his business partner, Devon Archer, used Burnham to make foreign deals with governments and oligarchs, according to a copy of the book viewed by Breitbart News.

One of those oligarchs included Nurlan Abduov, the associate of another Kazakh oligarch, Kenges Rakishev. Rakishev is the son-in-law of the former vice prime minister of Kazakhstan, Imangali Tasmagambetov. Tasmagamvetov was also formerly the defense minister, and is now the Kazakh ambassador to Russia. more here

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  1. No wonder the left and its prosecution protectors (DOJ) are so upset and are trying to stop Trump from looking into the ills of our politicians.

  2. Hunter Biden’s business acumen puts the presidents to shame. And he’s done it all while coked up out of his skull. He’s a genius like his father.

  3. Joe is still in the race because he thinks it gives him cover. Same sort of reason the libs are running this fake impeachment scam. They all have so much to hide all their off hours are being spent trying to cover their tracks. The level of criminality is shocking!!

  4. Forget Hunter Biden. It’s nothing but a witch hunt to distract from the shady deals of Ivanka and Don Jr. (An actual statement that came out of my libtard sister’s stupid mouth)

  5. It is really amazing, Joe Biden knew nothing about any of this. In his other life Joe Biden played Sergeant Schultz of stalag 17.

  6. These were bribes to biden and obama and clinton and kerry, which probably found their way to pelosi and the gang.

    Officials bribed are being paid to sell out their country. In other words, they are traitors.

  7. Almost every illegal dollar Hunter Biden got from foreign oligarchs has been funneled to every Democrat during the 2016 and 2018 elections.

    Our sacred elections!

    That is why they are fighting this so hard.


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