“I Don’t Want Her, You Can Have Her, She’s Too Woke For Me”

Saw this on Top Ten Memes this morning and isolated for you to enjoy. Google is trying to throttle Top Ten Memes out of existence, so give that channel some appreciation, please.

Watch her royal wokeness Here

25 Comments on “I Don’t Want Her, You Can Have Her, She’s Too Woke For Me”

  1. I still laugh as hard as i did the first time i saw that!
    God is that thing damaged goods.

    Ladies NEVER be a feminist, you will only end up fat and alone like this beastly beast.

  2. The great Rush Limbaugh: “Feminism Was Established So As To Allow Unattractive Women Easier Access To The Mainstream Of Pop Culture”

  3. Native Americans missed this vid because while clearly she is a treaty violation, they haven’t decided on which ones.

    Also, pacific islanders are in fear of capsizing if she visits.

  4. That was fuggin funny. Who in their right mind would take her up on her offer? Lesbos perhaps.

  5. MJA
    Lol, you can kill em, and you can cook em, but you can’t make them taste good. They don’t even taste like chicken.

  6. This skirt seems kinda’ racist. …and sexist.


    If a white dude decides to gain 200 pounds, he knows he’s out of the romance game.

    White girl gains 200 pounds. “Oh, I’ll just get a black guy.”

    Seems a lil’ sus.

  7. @ MJA APRIL 13, 2021 AT 8:56 PM

    Put a wick in the top of its head and it would make a hundred year candle.

  8. Fuck Mike Pence

    I like his new name and his snake campaign poster is a winner.

    He’s even more delusional than Tom Cotton if he thinks he has a shot in 2024


    Every afternoon when I take my. dog for his mid day walk I loudly sing” I am the Happy…” Drives my wife crazy; I could not cary a tune in q bucket. But I wander “Beneath God’s clear blue sky.”! And we (dog and I) are both happy;y!


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