‘I, I, I Don’t Know’

Daily Caller: CNN’s Anderson Cooper stumped Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris on Friday night when he asked her what specific laws President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has broken.

Harris spoke to Cooper on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” and the host asked Harris for her reaction to reports that Giuliani tried to override the Ukrainian embassy and State Department in an effort to get a visa for Viktor Shokin, a former Ukrainian prosecutor.

Harris said Giuliani “has clearly broken many laws,” adding that his actions are “further evidence of corruption” by the Trump administration and that they violate an “extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws.” When Cooper asked Harris what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken, the senator seemed unable to answer directly.

“Well I, I, I don’t know,” Harris replied when Cooper asked her what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken. read more

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  1. Attention Democrat friends of mine:

    The Democrat Party, in case you have not realized by now, is no longer the party of Harry S. Truman and JFK.

    I pray to God that Anderson Cooper will soon see the light as he gets older.

  2. Andy’d better watch out asking actual journalistic questions to THE KAMALA! He’ll end up in some field in Arkansas dead.

  3. CNN may be trying to save face after the Veritas videos.
    This is a reasonable question for an interviewer to ask a candidate in response to such a damning attack on an opponent. Of course, the democrap candidate was expecting softballs and totally f-ed it up.

  4. If you phrase a direct question to a Leftist that is specific and narrow enough to require a specific and narrow answer ……… you will not get a direct answer.

    Best you can hope for is something vague and general enough that it will evade the answer while changing the subject of the question to something that is not the question that was asked.

    It’s just the way they think and they don’t understand any other kind of thinking.

  5. Alison Cooper must be elbow-deep into the sedition/treason trouble
    to be starting (in the last few weeks) to ask legitimate questions of Democrats.

    Covering his @$$ with more than KY.

  6. “Just how are you qualified to be President, Ms. Harris?”

    “I, I, I don’t know.”

    “Neither do we.”

  7. Gee Wally, a sharp lawyer woulda answered “I don’t know, but we’ll find one!”

    Yeah Beave, she must not be the Media favorite cuz they didn’t tip her off on that one!

  8. He was running foreign policy beyond our State Department’s protocol.
    Who does Rudy think is running this government?

  9. It’s been quite apparent that kamala is a swamp skank halfwit used to working for goobermint with little accountability. She gobs out a huge accusation …. and simply no brain power for an answer when asked to articulate her vomit. Typical D卐M☭CRAT.

  10. Anderson should know that he should never stray from the approved democrat party talking points.
    It confuses their members.

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