I Just Left the ER. We Are Officially Back To Getting Crushed by…

Naaaa… we’re not being played.

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  1. Their level of organization is amazing. I only do IG but every time there’s a shit disturbing libtard on a Conservative IG sight that person is always a private account with no posts, no follows and no followers.

  2. There is no test to determine if you have the delta variant. Nor is there a test for covid in general. All lies!

  3. There are tons of that shit. My favorite is the doctor who said her patients were dying in the hospital from covid.
    She’s a lying veterinarian. lolol.

    But the absolute worst are the bots that say their brother died of corona in the hospital. And some of those bots were even “republican”, dontcha know.

  4. @MJA–

    I saw that veterinarian one. Maybe her patients in the hospital were the roaches.

    Sad to know that the lower forms of life are also keeling over from COVID…

  5. All the world is a stage. Unfortunately the bad actors owned by the elite and deep state run the show. Turn off, tune out and grow wholesome foods. This the big cull we’ve been waiting for, phase I.

  6. I just left the Az audit,the fraud was higher than we were told. President Trump received 99% of the vote.

  7. Medical Socialism – Brought to you by Obamacare.
    What are the chances the wildfires have been deliberately started by our Self-appointed royalty, to forward their agendas?
    We know they don’t care if a couple hundred thousand people die, whats a few trees.

  8. And note none of these tweets will be flagged for disinformation but just try to post information from
    the CDC or states websites about break through rates and see what happens.

  9. Reminds me of the lady that was calling funeral homes and asking them if they had seen a big uptick in business during 2020 due to the ‘rona. Most said “no”.

  10. Funny, when I went to the ER for a hand injury the place was nearly deserted.
    Here’s the ER challenge – swing by your local hospital’s ER and peek inside to see how swamped they actually are.

  11. This is ignorant, but believe me there are many doctors in on this shit. I got so sick of seeing these hospital doctors on the local news, even doing commercials for the health department on the radio. Then I go to their hospital and there is hardly any patients anywhere.
    I even asked several nurses where the covid floor was and nobody had a clue.

    It’s funny though when you look at other countries, the majority of their dead “covid” patients are fully vaccinated. My opinion is that these people aren’t dying from covid, but dying from the vaccines and they’re blaming it on covid. Which makes the assholes in this country even more evil that they want to claim it’s the unvaccinated, so you need to get your lethal vaccine.

  12. I suspect the Drs. that are in on the scamdemic are the same ones that will ask you about your firearm ownership.

  13. My own doctor is a lib. It never came up before between us, but now with this Covid injection b.s….

  14. At my annual checkup last week I spent a good half-hour with my doctor.
    Covid “vax” was never mentioned. And he didn’t ask me if I owned any firearms.
    I like this guy!

  15. My doctor said I should get the shot, even though I had active shingles. One tech at the vaccine site said no, absolutely not. I still have active shingles.

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