I Like Those Odds

Mary Matalin is making a bold prediction on Donald Trump’s chances of being elected president.

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  1. She gives America much more credit than I.

    I never thought America was dumb enough to re-elect (or elect, for that matter) Obola!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Those could be Trump lollipops.

    It would be a good idea. Cherry, lemon, grape, raspberry and mango (mangoes are “in”). Big, inset word “Trump” on each.

    I’d by a box.

  3. The pundits still don’t get it. Matalin seems to and says so: “They think we’re (pundits) all crazy.” She goes on to contrast Trump’s “4 million or so..” against the 100+ million spent on negative ads by the Clinton campaign. That should give anyone pause, considering that he has the polling numbers he has. Playing out just like the primaries. And if you extrapolate those spending numbers, comparing them to reach/result, he’s got this by at least 115%. lol

  4. While I am not as into the political news this election as in past elections, my impression is that the talking heads are primarily talking about Trump. Trump will do this, Trump won’t do that, Trump cannot do anything. Nary a word on Hillary.

    Interestingly enough, there aren’t even comparisons between Trump and Clinton. Perhaps this is because the MSM is so rabidly anti-Trump, or perhaps this is because Hillary is a poor choice for the Democrats – or perhaps a combination of both. But the talking heads bash Trump without bothering to claim what Hillary would do differently or better/

    Trump isn’t spending the money Hillary is because he doesn’t have to – the MSM is doing this for him. Hillary has to spend the money in order to combat the perception that she is corrupt and inept, and the MSM is focusing on Trump instead of rehabilitating Clinton. I think Matlin may be correct in her assessment.

  5. I hope James doesn’t get all huffy and sleep on the couch. Mary’s correct, as usual. Live with it. ….Lady in Red

  6. Wyatt, not only are the MSM doing that, HilLIARy herself is doing the very same thing!

    Not only that, she is APING Trump, usually two steps behind. Trump visits an African American church, HilLIARy visits an African American church. Trump reveals he will demans a plan to end ISIS, HilLIARY reveals she will demand a plan to end ISIS. The only recent mirror action HilLIARy didn’t do was go to Mexico.

    Let’s face it, Madame Secretariat has ALREADY lost this election. It is evident in the execution of her frail campaign.

  7. TO Tsunami

    Which article, please?
    The headlines with “poll” in them all lead to videos, except for one on the economy, and I assume that’s not it.

  8. Trump isn’t “closing the gap” as the media reports. This is the beginning of “rocketing past” Clinton.
    Trump landslide (which means he squeaks by in voter fraud swing states)


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