I see stupid people

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  1. Doesn’t matter what any previous tax policy did to your taxes. We have a presidential candidate telling you straight out he’s going to raise your taxes.

  2. So what am I personally getting from increased taxes? I suspect that I’m getting the same thing I always get from increased taxes – hosed.

  3. “I see stupid people”

    Call me when they’re dead. I’m thinking of opening up a Wuhan Crematoria franchise right here in the Soviet State.

  4. bidens wants to raise your taxes
    bernie wants to give them away to everyone else
    warren wants to be an indian
    buttgig wants to be gigged in his butt
    bloomberg wants to tell dirty jokes to women

    and they all want to lower your standard of living by allowing an invasion of foriegners

    that’s some bitchin political party platform you have going on there democrats


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