Study Finds Drivers Of Expensive Cars Are D***s – Tesla Driver Proves Point

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If you have an expensive car, you’re probably less likely to stop for pedestrians, a new study has found.

On Wednesday, a study on driver yielding behaviors for pedestrians — conducted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) — was published online at ScienceDirect ahead of its March publication in the Journal of Transport & Health.

The study found that the cost of a car was “a significant predictor of driver yielding,” according to a press release. More

Yesterday, Yahoo! News ran a story of a Tesla driver getting righteous on a driver who passed him on the right, while the comment section saw things differently. Here

15 Comments on Study Finds Drivers Of Expensive Cars Are D***s – Tesla Driver Proves Point

  1. Tesla driver was NOT moving at the pace of other traffic and of course the jerk insisted in doing so in the middle lane. Pickup driver passed by the slower moving Tesla, changed lanes w/o touching brake pedal and continued to move at the pace of the other vehicles using the roadway. What is the problem other than some jerk driving a Tesla is impeding the flow of traffic?

  2. A Tesla driver is going to be a liberal. I’ve also seen more Prius vehicles in crazy altercations for not stopping and being complete lunatics. I don’t think the expensive car is the factor as much as the entitled libtard factor. And add to that both of those vehicles get tax credits so they aren’t really even paying full price for those vehicles – taxpayers are.

  3. No biggie, had some extra gold coins laying around and retained John Wick, he owes some favors. HINT: Just don’t F’ with his puppy or Mustang, it’ll all work out!

  4. I drive a fairly expensive vehicle (Jeep Wrangler 4 door) but I still try and stop for pedestrians (as long as I can see them in time to stop safely).

  5. Saw a cartoon online somewhere that Prius now comes with a “Check Your Privilege” warning light and Prius drivers need to check their privilege every 10,000 miles. Seems like progressives should check their lib privilege much more frequently than that, like every block, but I quibble with a funny cartoon.

  6. If driving an expensive car makes you a dick, then living in an exclusive ZIP code makes you a genuine twatwaffle.

  7. I was out earlier and stopped short of a red light to let a vehicle pull out from a gas station driveway. A couple snooty blondes in some boxy Mercedes SUV were honking their horn the whole time making crazy arm motions I determined as what the hell and move up. I sat there til the light turned yellow and went through making them catch another red. Felt damn good!

  8. I will put the “white van” up against any other bad driver on the planet. Usually driving too slow, cutting people off, pulling out in front of you at the last second…you name it, that asshole will do it. Apologies to anyone here that owns a white

  9. A smirking illegal driving a flatbed semi sideswiped me on I-4 outside of Tampa last year. He got away with it, I’m out $500. Don’t talk to me about dick drivers.

  10. You’ll never attain happiness until you watch a brand new eco boost shiny SUV destroy its entire front end on the rear diamond plate bumper of your old truck while trying to navigate through a taco bell parking lot.

    Man, that lady was inconsolable.


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