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I Thought the Mormons Were More Stable Than This


Utah had the third-highest increase in gender dysphoria diagnoses nationwide from 2018 to 2022, according to a Definitive Healthcare report.

The state saw a 193% bump in diagnoses, second only to Virginia and Indiana, which had respective increases of 274% and 247%.

Utah’s surge in gender dysphoria diagnoses peaked in 2021 with a 45% rise. The following year, the state saw an 18% increase.

Definitive Healthcare notes “shifting” social and political climates may steer patients to seek diagnoses in states deemed more receptive to transgender people. A disparity in access to care leads to “devastating” consequences for the transgender population, according to the report. More

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  1. Plot that rise against social media uptake in the 12 to 20 year old demographic. Then pivot on the increase in the number of ‘followers’ when those who are “diagnosed” share their new status on that social media.

    It’s attention seeking, narcissistic behavior.

  2. Uncle Al

    I don’t know if it still holds true or not but 6 months ago Utah was the numero uno destination for California Small Businesses. And believe me, they are advertising.

  3. LGBT advocates have infiltrated every level of Public Education in Utah. There is active grooming, from pre-school to high school. Add to that the effects of the Lockdown, woke culture and a severe shortage of mental health workers (competent or not), and marginal personalities learn they can find acceptance and power by being transsexual. There are also a lot of instagram/tik-tok moms who want their own transsexual child to show off.

  4. My last year of high school I worked for a Mormon owned company. A plant nursery. Staffed by 85% Mormons. Including people my age. They were rebellious has hell back then. The guys wanted to get shit faced and party and the girls wanted to get their fertile field plowed. But they were scared to death of the elders. I thought the entire experience really weird. I did do some plowing though. I don’t think the early 70’s helped their situation.

  5. Brad is correct, as a Morman I can attest to the active suppression of youthful hormones. Lots of virgin nerds are tempted to just let that freak flag fly.

    The only white folks interested in us Redskins was the Mormans so I give credit for that but they went insane trying to corral us insular Injuns into piety.

    Indians are the most sardonic and subversive types and we are always skeptical of these who wish to help us for obvious reasons.

  6. @Marooned

    Missed the Goog on first scan and was gonna say your reference would go over most heads, even here. I saw Goog on the second scan and have not looked there yet for that. Was just wondering . . .

    Did you ever see that Morman Anim Cartoon from back in the Day addressing that very thing for the school kids to watch at assemblies? It was late 60’s-70’s production.

    I doubt Goog would have a copy on the tube but the internet never forgets.

  7. We use to go on those cheesy Carnival cruises with the kids. There was a group of Mormons on board. I tell ya what, they could drink and smoke any on board under the table. I guess they were the Jack Mormons of the bunch. Mormons are trying to keep up with the Catholics. I’m glad I live on top of a mountain, they have a hard time peddling up to the house only for me not to answer the door. 🙂

  8. 274% and 247%…

    A 300% increase would be 4 times the original. Sounds like a really big number. But it says nothing.

    What’s the baseline. What were the original NUMBERS of purported trannies. Because a 300% increase would mean that if originally there were 2, now there are… 8.

    The propaganda inherent in these percentage-only “reports” is that percentages without numbers make all this crap seem more widespread than it really is, giving political power to the nonsense.

    And then innumerate “reporters” have the vapors and amplify the propaganda.


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