ICE Issues Subpoenas To Obtain Information Refused Under NY Sanctuary Policies

Breaking 911-

NEW YORK — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) served four immigration subpoenas Friday on the New York Department of Corrections (NYDOC) requesting information on multiple illegal aliens who were criminally arrested in New York City, and yet under New York’s non-cooperation policies officials have refused to honor ICE detainers or even provide ICE with information about the release dates of criminal alien public safety threats. Issuance of these immigration subpoenas was necessary because the NYDOC has continued to ignore ICE’s requests for information and cooperation.“Like any law enforcement agency, we are used to modifying our tactics as criminals shift their strategies; but it’s disheartening that we must change our practices and jump through so many hoops with partners who are restricted by sanctuary laws passed by politicians with a dangerous agenda,” said Henry Lucero, acting Deputy Executive Associate Director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations.

ICE uses statutorily-authorized immigration subpoenas to obtain information as part of investigations regarding potential removable aliens.  ICE has not historically needed to use its lawful authority to issue these subpoenas to obtain information from other law enforcement agencies as most law enforcement agencies throughout the country willingly provide ICE with information regarding aliens arrested for crimes in the interest of public safety. read more

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  1. Subpoenas mean nothing if not backed up with arrests for non compliance. Haven’t seen or heard of that happening lately.

  2. Up until now, I believe the state was only ignoring ICE detainers; now they are ignoring subpoenas? This has escalated the game.

  3. We see ugly or at least unattractive people everyday while we’re out and about and think little of it. But having to look at an ugly person who you know is also a complete low life scoundrel and scumbag like the NY governor it can be vomit inducing. There goes another keyboard!

  4. What the F?? What would keep the state from saying citizens don’t have to pay federal income taxes and just ignored the Federal Government??

  5. I hate seeing his ugly mug. He reminds me of the Thing from Fantastic Four comics (don’t judge me, I hate the comic book movies and never watch them).


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