UK Wind Farms Paid Millions Per Day NOT to Run Turbines

How long are they going to run this scam?

Breitbart: Last week, millions of pounds in “constraint payments” were paid to wind energy farms to not run their turbines.

Over £12 million was handed out to wind farms in the United Kingdom last week, following a major outage in a powerline that transported energy from Scottish wind farms to England. The handouts will be tacked onto consumers’ energy bills throughout the country.

The firms were paid between 25 and 80 per cent more than they would have earned were the turbines actually running, reports The Telegraph.

A study conducted in December by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) found that the UK handed out a record high £136 million to 86 wind farm owners last year in “constraint payments” when the grid was incapable of handling the energy flow.

Dr John Constable, the director of the REF, condemned the spate of wind farm development in Scotland saying:

“The Scottish Government has permitted excessive and environmentally damaging growth in wind power north of the border which has put the electricity system under great strain and burdened English and Welsh consumers not only with constraint payments but also with the additional expense of a £1 billion interconnector that is itself proving unreliable. The environment and the consumer have been betrayed over and over again.”

The unpredictable nature of wind electricity, known as intermittency, has plagued the industry. When there is not enough wind, the turbines produce little to no power and when there are high levels of wind, the output places strain on electrical grid systems as there is currently no viable storage system for the energy. read more

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  1. This was always a big scam for the benefit of GE and it spread worldwide. Each one stands as a monument to government waste and stupidity.

  2. Forgive me for going all Sophia Petrillo, but…
    Picture it. California. 2013.
    On a bright desert highway, no breeze. Hot as fuck.
    My friend notices 5 big ass windmills.

    Friend: Why are they all spinning except that one in the middle?
    Me: Because that’s the only one actually running with wind power. There isn’t any, so it’s not.
    Friend: what the fuck?
    Me: Eeeeyup.

    Now run tell that.


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