ICYMI: DinosInDC Protest

About 100 people showed up on the National Mall on Wednesday in inflatable T-Rex suits to protest budget cuts to national service programs like Americorp and the Peacecorp.

Watch the obviously staged event (with directions being given by bullhorn), Here

The event was organized by The Service Year Alliance which seemed pretty impressed with their own effort, Here

The stated objectives of the Service Year Alliance

  • Catalyze supply of service years
  • Build awareness and demand among young people
  • Unlock more funding from public and private sources

I’ll let you decide if this was the best use of the organizer’s time and funding while Harvey was devastating Texas and Louisiana.

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  1. Dishonest lying Lefties. Trump is not “ending” the Peace Corps, just trimming its bloated bureaucratic budget.

    No word how much those expensive T-Rex costumes cost, or who paid for them, but this Outfit’s tax exempt status should be revoked.
    It’s only purpose is to propagandize for enlarging the bureaucracy.

  2. Americorps is a BJ Billy Clinton program and never should have been approved let alone continue till now! The joke of a program should have zero funding! The Peace Corps has outlived its usefulness which was never much to start with!

  3. It is not necessary to spend multi-millions of tax dollars to get people to do volunteer service in our communities! Church’s do a very good job of enlisting and supporting local volunteerism and they don’t charge much of anything!

  4. Trump is ending the peace corp and instituting the draft. 5 years military service for lefties only.
    They will not be in with the regular military they will be on an island in the South Pacific.
    For the entire 5 years.

  5. The Dino drag race drained any prestige and relevance this organization may have had going into Wednesday.

    Whoever came up with this and carried through while Harvey was raging shouldn’t be entrusted to with any responsibility.

    Gen (Ret.) Stan McChrystal is associated with this group – should be kicking some ass within the organization for wasting his good name this way.


  6. Ironic that the group is dressed as dinos. Being called a dinosaur is not usually a positive thing. The piece corp and americorp are certainly 2 dinosaurs that should face extinction.

  7. T-Rex (Rex Tillerson) envy? We’ve got the real deal; always have, always will. If the Left ever decides to do something that is honest and unrehearsed and un-hashed-over, I’ll eat my hat!

    Hey hey! Ho Ho!

  8. I don’t see baloney the idiot purple dinosaur or any of the teletubbies or any my little phonies or unicorns farting rainbows or my personal favorites the terrible thunder lizards from the Eek the cat cartoon show (I loved the one thunder lizard who talked like a stoned Dennis Hopper, it was hilarious) amongst that group of fake dinosaurs. The idiots wearing those costumes have the mentality of a very petulant 2 year old throwing a snit because they didn’t get their way.

  9. I was thinking along the same lines AA.

    Congress is still out, There is nothing happening on Capital Hill right now. If you look at all the pictures that were tweeted, there is hardly even any press there.

    It seems like it was an exercise in generating positive vibes about themselves for themselves, but not for anyone who isn’t a leftist dimwit. A feel good exercise in futility.

  10. It took their “planning group” months to get the exact cutting edge design they were looking for. It was such shock to find out a union had staged this event. Just like everybody in costume, the group should be extinct!

  11. Doc, would they even know what a short arm inspection is? Or would it be racist and unfair if they all didn’t have equally long arms that drag on the ground like a bunch of Cro Magnon’s. Maybe we should play the old song from the 60’s Alley Oop, it would fit in well with this group of idiots.

  12. Political stunts.

    If they manage to find a way to market this stupidity in front of the eyes of people too busy taking pictures of their food, and playing Xbox, I’ll be darn surprised.

    If it wasn’t posted here, I probably would have never known about it either.

  13. Czar
    That guys an idiot. He posted part 1 of his theory on FB stating he had spoken to over “100 people in D.C.” and had discovered Trumps being cut off from the world by the Globalists. He posted that on the Monday Trump returned from Camp David with his family and left Kelly behind. Which I reminded him of on his post. Actually I was the first or second person to post there, but the tone was set and he got killed. He’s still pushing the same line.

  14. “Catalyze supply of service years”
    What in the name of wide wide sports does that even mean?? Certainly nothing deserving my tax dollars.

  15. “Congressman, I want to thank yourself and the members of the Appropriations Committee for hearing my testimony on the importance of continuing to fund national service.”
    “Your, welcome and thank you for your service. Now General McCrystal, wasn’t it you’re organization that showed up in the Capital while we were in recess in inflatable T-Rex outfits?”
    “That’s right, Congressman.”
    “And during that time wasn’t Hurricane Harvey putting a strain on the nation’s emergency services.”
    “Yes, Congressman, we held the event about the time Harvey made its second landfall in Louisiana.”
    “And members of your organization took the opportunity to demonstrate to the nation the need for national service by sending a meaningful contingent of your volunteers to assist in the nation’s time of need?”
    “Not exactly, sir.”
    Thank you for your time General, Next witness, please.”

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