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ICYMI: Obama Mocks Audience Member

Last week, while out trying to rally some support for Obamacare, President Obama made an appearance at an elementary school in Nashville. During the Q&A portion of the event an audience member, who introduced himself as Davy Crockett, tried to ask a question.


The President picked up on the man’s name, asking if he had “a coonskin cap” and started singing the song from the old Disney TV show.


How is that not offensive if not out right R-AC-I-S-T!?

Turns out Mr. Crockett wanted the President’s help in signing up for Obamacare (he had failed 4 times already to enroll).

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  1. Barry sure fancies himself as an entertainer. And it probably helps to run out the clock for questions.

    I watched the video at the link. Barry called it a “beaver cap” a couple times. Another thing he doesn’t know about American culture.

  2. I have never been SO proud to be an American.


    Thank you, Obama and your electorate, for 6.5 years of idiocy. Much new Monty Python material is now available.

    FU and the room temp IQ folks who believe in you.

  3. Turns out Mr. Crockett wanted the President’s help in signing up for Obamacare.

    Sorry Mr. Crockett, but you must be one ignorant schlub if you think Obama or any member of the liberal elite knows anything about the healthcare system in this country or even cares. They can afford to pay any doctor cash, and most do, because socialized medicine is for the little people.

    Besides, if the people that wrote the code for the website can’t help you, what makes you think Gay Barry would be able to answer your tech questions?

  4. WWII vet, married 50 years (until his death in 2010) to one spouse, a good guy.

    ..and had to fight his height (6’6″) for a spot in the military (wanted to be a pilot).

  5. If I remember my trivia correctly, the real Davy Crockett refused to wear a coonskin cap and only wore the much more stylish, beaver felt hat. So he is kinda right on this one…

  6. I hear that crap every day from people who think they’re clever but this was just ignorant. Sir Golfsalot has not heart for people and is only concerned about two things, himself and himself.

    By the way my first name is Kandi-Lee and I work at a deli where we make fudge. That’s why I hear those unclever remarks.
    Those people are mostly just trying to be friendly though.

  7. Pretty amazing. I wouldn’t walk out to my garage to see that drug-addled, homosexual, moslem, marxist piece of shit.

    Much less have to endure that annoying voice.

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