Idiot has to be told by police that she is not the victim, she is the criminal

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  1. aaaaahhhahahahaha!

    Wasn’t enough to be a thief, she made it clear she’s also a liar.

    Being a stupid, lying, baby killing thief is no way to go through life… and now the internets knows!


    The attempt at tears was the best part.

    Also,…..”Ma’am……I can’t un-arrest you.”

    Also also, every job she ever applies for, she has to fill out the HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED question.

  3. She doesn’t need to worry about needing an abortion; that assumes some guy would be stupid enough to get in her pants.

  4. All I did was move their property without their permission.

    He got it back so why are you arresting me for theft?

    See what happens when you are so stupid and sheltered from reality that you make a retard look brilliant?

    AWESOME video!!!
    The fake tears from a snowflake facing reality are priceless!!!!!

    Save this video forever…. I know I will be sharing it all over the place and increasing your click-bait.

    Hat tip to IOTW for starting my day off with the biggest smile I have had since my wife woke me with a BJ!

  5. My guess is when all is said and done, the cop will be the bad guy and attempts will be made to get him fired. It’ll be worse if someone digs into his background and finds out he’s a Christian. In the meantime, the dumb ass who got herself arrested will be held up as a hero. Wonder what the college president’s position is on abortion? Looks like he was on the White House staff during George H.W. Bush’s term.

  6. I thought the situation was handled professionally and respectfully, but the best part is that she got dope-slapped with reality… and that’s a lesson she’ll never learn in college! Now go find her parents and dope-slap them for not teaching their kid better!

  7. Typical stupid SJW, thinking that their “moral superiority “ makes it okay to break the law.

  8. Did you ever notice that the women who are for this kind of thing are women you wouldn’t want to have sex with in the first place?

  9. Most college students are owed a refund by the schools they attended, because they obviously haven’t learned anything of use or value there.

  10. That LEO is the gold standard when it comes to how these assholes should be dealt with. She is a poster child for infantile third wave feminists.

  11. She will definitely walk, but not because she was not mirandized. I am thinking she was. She will go before the magistrate, receive a PR bond and be scheduled for court some time down the road. As that date approaches, the prosecutor’s office will look over the police report, roll their eyes and agree to slap this baby murdering bint on the wrist. Intercept her on court day, offer her two days of “community service” (at the local PP) and send her on her way.
    I am not a lawyer.

  12. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.., must be her Major. I bet her parents just love paying for this college dipshit and SJW crusade. Fking Clueless they are..

  13. Guessing her to be 19, 20. Wondering how many boys has she already ‘been with’, how many abortions has she already had……..

  14. Her right to be an asshole was aborted.
    I wonder if she will understand the irony here.

  15. Is there something else I can do? Could this video have gone up with a disclaimer for adult content if officer said yes?

  16. @Peter the Bubblehead – “Most college students are owed a refund by the schools they attended, because they obviously haven’t learned anything of use or value there.”

    Oh HELL NO. Make her pay every penny for the worthless SJW degree SHE made the decision to go after. In her and all other SJW’s case, I don’t even care that she’s being grossly overcharged – I WANT her to pay until she’s an OLD crunt for the degree she’ll never ever use. I want EVERY idiot who took out student loans to pay every penny back because otherwise you and I foot the bill.

  17. Baby boomers, spoiled by their Love Generation Hippie parents have spoiled their kids and now they have raiseed a whole generation of infantile adults without the basic sense of right and wrong.
    Her arguments were the standard toddler defense.
    I feel sorry for whatever idiot falls for her

  18. A kid who went through her entire life without being instructed on not touching or taking another person’s property without their permission? That’s very hard to believe and yet there it is. She was genuinely incredulous.

    I do blame her parents and I do blame the university for apparently convincing her that in this country she has special dispensation and immunity under law for depriving others of their rights. Special snowflake, indeed.

  19. this girl has a bright future as a democrat politician. She already has the victim part down, she’s a woman, she’s dumb as a box of rocks, and she can cry on command. At least a congresswoman, possibly a senator, who knows, even president.

  20. “You’re protecting them.” This is not what my public education has told me, they told me my feelings are protected and you’re not protecting me and instead protecting those that I was taught are to be silenced and beat into the ground.

    “This sign is why women can’t get abortions.”

  21. “I did not come here to get arrested.”

    And yet, here you are in cuffs, Baby-killer Becky. Enjoy your Sad Clown mug-shot.

  22. I am “pro-choice”. In other words I was accepted to both UNC and NC State. I am so glad I CHOSE not to attend either school.

  23. Saw this on Daily Wire yesterday.

    I don’t understand why the cop has to play Dr. Phil with her. No commiseration or empathizing is necessary, tell her why she is being arrested, put the bracelets on her and take her to jail, simple.

    But here’s the rub. Will the D.A. have the stones to file the complaint and will the judge have the will to actually punish this bint? How many times have we seen ANTIFA trash committing vandalism and actual violence, arrested for their crimes but the charges ultimately dropped for no good reason?

  24. Just as a reminder, Zachary Greenberg still has not been tried and sentenced in Berkeley, CA.

  25. This proves that college students ARE getting an education. Here are some of the degrees they get:

    – Victim, how to claim it and use it to escape consequences for your actions.
    – Manipulation, used for times when you must educate the weak minded to allow you to get what you want.
    – Liberal Wordsmith, the meaning of words can be changed to present your viewpoint as logical and valid.
    – Feelings, supreme value when faced with the oppressive, highly illogical and immoral restrictions placed on you by the alt-right.

    All SJWs excel in these degrees and should be highly prized with employers. Your success in life is guaranteed.

  26. Her real punishment is having a huge student debt to pay to the vile idiots who taught her to think this way while they sit back and let her do their bidding.

  27. “I can’t believe you are protecting them.”

    This is something I’ve heard expressed many times by SJW types in videos of protests/marches. This mindset should be very troubling to all of us. What she and others are saying is “The Police (Agents of the State) should be a political force and work on my behalf to protect me from and eliminate those with whom I disagree.”

    This is Leftism: The State is your provider and protector who makes everything possible and everyone equal. I tend to think that she represents the very people who are entrenched in the “Halls of Power”, those nameless, faceless bureaucrats and staffers who are the ones actually creating policy, writing the legislation that no one reads, and who fashion the media narratives.

  28. @Ted Nougat — You just described the administrative state to a tee. Our Founders were particularly worried about just that happening. Our permanent federal bureaucracy is extra-Constitutional. Maybe getting rid of it will be our next political frontier.

    It has rendered the Congress a giant oversight committee and turned all political partisanship into legal issues.

  29. @ Ted Nougat and@ AbigalAdams So right. I actually feel compassion for the girl . Everything she has been taught just blew up and now she’s in the justice system. Meanwhile WE continue to PAY the $allary of the true threats to our own wellbeing. What a racquet of Cloward Piven fueled self destruction. It’s just vile. And point out the folly of tax payers paying for their own destruction in these evil professors and get mocked by armchair Voltaire’s supporting the free speech of nihilists. Every time the State says it needs more money, I think if we could only stop paying for our own destruction….what a huge sucking vacuum would get out of our wallets.

  30. Re: her Miranda right. Generally, Unless she is being questioned she does not need to be read her rights. In fact it is better that she not be read her rights except by someone who is going to question her. Reason: if she is read them twice, she could say she invoked them the first time which would make waiving them the second time invalid (once they are invoked, they are invoked). Her spontaneous statement that she just moved the sign, in response to the officer’s answering her question as to why she was being detained would probably be admissible but if she continued on about what her plans were to disrupt the pro life demonstration would probably have required her to be read her rights.

    I would have loved to have asked her about the rights of the baby who was being ripped apart. If I were a judge I would sentence her to see ultrasounds.

    She reminds me a bit of people who say “I have the right to commit civil disobedience.” They obviously do not understand the concept of civil disobedience.

  31. THIRD
    56 years ago the thug Mario Savio and his “Goons of the Gate” beat the shit out of anyone standing us for America. Not a one has ever gone o trial! Mario was actually elected to either Berk or Oak City Council! And progressives all over America have erected statues to thes vicious, violent America hated – costing taxpayers $million in taxes!

    They started their vicious, brutal attacks in 1964; continued to 1965. I may have strolled by the Kampee Neely myself to the Gate to watch the attacks; from afar.

  32. She is deranged. She’d see us killed as a positve thing. She sees children being killed as a positive, so why not us?

  33. While she has proven herself as dumb as a post certainly as far as the definition of theft is concerned there may be a learning chance here. Given the chance to think about her actions and the results as well as contents of the sign itself maybe she’ll emerge with a better understanding of what you can and can’t do if you disagree with someone (likely) and that it sparks some actual thought on the subject of abortion and not just a constant rethink of the left’s talking points. In fact, if she got put in a holding cell for a few hours with just her and an anti-abortionist (a calm, logical one)and no other abortion activists to prevent their neophyte from thinking for herself she could actually learn something. Her opinion might change but she would likely learn that there is reason and worth in the arguments against abortion.

    She’s unlikely to get a criminal record from this. The Judge will end up giving her a conditional discharge and if she stays ut of trouble for a year or so the charge is expunged from her record.

    What would be fun to watch is the reaction of her parents as they patiently(!) explain they aren’t paying $30K a year for her to attend University only to be arrested because she can’t quite grasp the concept of theft.

  34. john james r, “Future is female.”

    I sure hope not. Look at the feminists and what they are doing to our precious men. Those women hate themselves, thus they blame men. In blaming men, they want to destroy them. I don’t want to live in that world, although I’m already living with the results of what they have been doing for the last 50+ years. I don’t like it one bit.

  35. It’s nice to know that there are women like you, Claudia. I actually hate the phrase “The Future is Female” because it exalts women as if they are above the human condition. Like this idiot here. Women are fallible too, you know, human. And the narrative makers lose sight of that all the time.

  36. This is the same behavior displayed by Hillary and the demonrats since the 2016 election. Even before the election, really. It’s a contagious voluntarily acquired disease.

  37. Future Planned Parenthood worker. Pretty sure they hire people with rap sheets. So she’s got that going for her.


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