It’ll take you a few beats to figure what is going on in this picture

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  1. Yikes, I can see it correctly but then it is amazing how quickly it shifts back to a weird looking dog!

  2. That’s a lopscilliaspider schhnake bite.
    They’re very potent.
    Side affects include sore neck Inflammation and stuck eye.
    Stuck eye as in stuck in one and can’t see in the other
    You’re never the same again, just try and walk it off.

  3. Thank goodness for ecp, I love all dogs but this seriously deformed pooch gave me the willies…

    On the other hand, this is how Demonrats see the rest of us because they refuse to rotate their preconceived notions.

  4. At first, I thought it was an ugly dog contest winner. Then I realized it was Congressperson Tlaib at home without her glasses and makeup.

  5. That’s old Lodi.

    – Hey Chong, hey man, look. Look. My sister gave it to me.
    What is that, man?

    – What does it look like?
    Looks like coke.

    – Yeah. It smells like coke too.
    Alright! Man. Let’s party. Give me some.

    – No I can’t man.
    Hey man, come on give me little.

    – No. I’d like to man but I don’t want to be responsible for turning you into a drug addict.
    Hey man I’m not turning into a drug addict. Come on give me a little.

    – She is bad for you man. Don’t you read Ann Landers?
    Come on.

    – It will give you a brain damage, man.
    Come on man. Just give me a little bit, man. Come on.

    – No.
    Come on. Please.

    – That’s all I got man. You can get laid with this, huh?
    Ok. I don’t want any.

    – Good.
    Hey man don’t be so chickenshit, man. Give me some.
    Come on man. Just let me smell the thing.
    Just let me. . .I just want to smell it.

    – Ok. You can just smell it. You just smell it. That’s all.
    – You promise you won’t take any?
    I promise. Come on. Give me some.

    – Alright. Cool man.
    Hey man. . .That’s soap man.

    – No shit. Ha Ha. Hey, don’t drink that, man.
    Oh shit. I’m gonna die.

    – Hey watch the road man.
    I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die.

    – Hey watch the road man.
    – Watch the road.
    – Watch the r. . .

  6. Yikes, my eyes wouldn’t cooperate with me!

    Thank you, ecp!! I was ready to just chalk it up with the thought that it was on old picture that was double exposed.

    Remember way back when that kind of thing happened?

  7. dee, tilt your head to the left. Or tilt your phone/computer to the right. Dog’s face is horizontal in this pic. Look at the pic vertically and you will see it.

  8. I was an imagery interpreter specialist in the Air Force. It was often a challenge to see what was there but the real trick was to not see what wasn’t there.

  9. If you cant see it focus on the top dot of what appears to be his far head that is the end of his mouth/smile what appears to be his right eye is actually his nose.

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