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Idiotic President Admits Calling Out Muslims Makes Us Less Safe

Furious Obama accuses Trump of making America less safe by attacking Muslims – and slams Republican’s demands to say ‘radical Islam’ as ‘yapping’

Then he just nervously gives the one hand wave over not being able to say RADICAL ISLAM.

“I could say it. I just.. I don’t wanna say it, that’s all. What is everyone looking at?” – Barack Obama

If the low-testosterone skinny marink could grow a beard he would.

It’s taken Trump, the boorish lout, to do the dirty work no other country club republican had the guts to do. Before Obama leaves office his legacy is going to be “our first terrorist sympathizing preezy.”

Well done, Trump.

25 Comments on Idiotic President Admits Calling Out Muslims Makes Us Less Safe

  1. If insults are enough to tip these things over the edge and start killing, do we want them around?

  2. BS. You’ll get exactly the same from a president Trumptard. And, you won’t admit it when it happens. We need a military coup. Then some real Americans can get something accomplished.

  3. See? He had the same black hatefilled empty eyes even back then. Smart people saw it. Knew it and knew better than to vote for him.

    But America is more than 51% stupid now.

    That there is an evil man. Pure evil. Satan’s spawn.

  4. What a complete incompetent, muslim loving fool.
    obama wouldn’t know a strategy unless it involved drawdown, withdrawal or capitulation.
    He can’t be gone soon enough.

  5. It wasn’t just this, he called Trump a threat to national security, if that’s the case then Barry needs to step up and arrest him.
    Get the ball rolling Barry.

  6. If calling muslims names is bad because it helps recruit terrorists, wouldn’t killing OsamaBinLaden also be bad for the same reason? Yet, Obama brags about killing Osama.

  7. Okay, if Trump’s yapping then Barry’s fapping.

    Keep playing with yourself Barry. Your special “alone time” in the WH is coming to an end.

  8. Maybe if people keep needling this idiot about this he’ll actually blow a headpipe in front of live cameras and America will actually see what’s under the mask. Of course, then you have to hope the people care.

  9. The only thing that makes us safe is attacking our enemies before they attack us. Do we want a stand down 99.9% of the time or are we going to stand up 100% of the time and kick these assholes back into position?

  10. Obama is a hoax. A gay Muslim with a tranny wife and fake made up life. It’s amazing how close we came to completely falling as a country due to the idiocy of communist philosophies pounding us for over 100 years — and all the useful idiots it has created. I see people getting pissed. This is a really good thing, a REALLY *GOOD* thing… McCarthy was right!!!

  11. Trump the candidate is exceeding expectations.
    And raising expectations for his successful Presidency.

    He isn’t even playing the FU enough for me, but I’ll take it.

  12. it’s a bit ironic and horribly tedious to hear the greatest yapper of all times whining about yapping

    2-time obama voters, pull your collective head out of your ass and hang it in shame

    god, i am enjoying this

  13. This insufferable asswipe should only eat shit and die.

    Only 220 more agonizing days of this incompetent buffoon.

    How much do you bet ISIS falls in line right around noon next January 20?

    You know, like Iran did when Reagan was sworn in.

  14. eternal cracker, you are exactly right

    we need to be killing these guys as far away as possible, in the ugliest way possible

    this pussy has enabled the success of isis and similar groups who are bringing to our land the killing of our kids

  15. There’s only one candidate who’s yapping, and Barky endorsed her last week. And it was about this time in 2012 that the dog-eater attacked Romney for strapping the dog to the roof of the car. Must be the Dog Days of Ramadan.

  16. Wanna know the true problem? I just shut the front yard down, I have cameras to see what happened.

    I was standing around the front door looking out the window-light. Wife sex, what’s going on? O said; look, there’s a rag head ringing doorbells.

    I went to flip the fillets in the backyard.

    As I returned I noticed the front door was now unlocked.

    She went out front to get something from her car.

    WTF? Are you stoopid?

  17. Mr Trump has exposed the soft underbelly of the demonic, petulant, marxist, gay Islamist monster – Barack Hussein Obama. The more Barry talks he reveals details of the plan to destroy this country. Trump is going to bring Barry down. Buckle up people – wild ride ahead.

  18. The bastard looks so natural in that Kenyan dancing boy outfit. He doesn’t want to prompt any fatwas from the islamic terrorists whose peckers he hasn’t got around to servicing yet.

  19. Caption:
    Firearms Salesman of the Decade (century); BURY O’BUMMA
    * Also in photo His Wiff, Moochelle & her LGBT partner Aliqme Laibeah-Brown

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