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If We Can’t Stick a Fork in Hillary, Stick a Fork in This Country

This sounds bad, right?

Hillary ordered a staffer to send classified talking points for a coming meeting via a non-secure fax machine, stripped of their classification markings. This appears to be a clear violation of Federal law and the sort of thing that is a career-ender, or worse, for normals. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee termed that July 2011 incident “disturbing,” and so it is to anyone acquainted with U.S. Government laws and regulations regarding the handling of classified material. – Observer

It gets worse. Much, much worse.

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6 Comments on If We Can’t Stick a Fork in Hillary, Stick a Fork in This Country

  1. Hillary has been hired to do the same job she took over 8 years ago.
    Now, as then, there was never any intention of her being president.
    Just as a rat keeps returning to where it found food, the Democrat party doing a repeat of 2 elections ago.
    They will once again introduce a relatively unknown and previously unremarkable person after much money and effort has been expended against Hillary.
    In return Hillary stays out of jail and gets to continue fleecing us.
    We lost to Obama because we were trying to beat Hillary rather than focusing on putting our best foot forward.
    Fool us twice, shame on us.

  2. My money is on Mooch as the new “Dark Horse” candidate. She’s been in hiding longer than Biden and meets all of the leftist qualifications.

  3. The politics and relationships in Mordor-on-the-Potomac are so incestuous that it makes any family tree look like a wreath. There is no saving that place or those that reside within.

  4. You are on the right track, but wrong scent.
    Among the top tier is a woman that briefly rose near the top and for no apparent reason completely gave up all of her publicity seeking.

  5. I don’t care whut ya say, this whole thing is un-classified Weapons-grade Arrogance, Stupidity and Treason on display for the entire planet to see. Putting that creature into office is a sign to the world that the United States has been completely taken over by the asininity of the Left and their relentless, nonsensical war on Testicles and is ripe for the taking!

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