Illinois Dem Campaigning With Corrupt Union Official

Washington Free Beacon

A top Democratic congressional candidate in Illinois with ties to President Joe Biden tapped a corrupt former union official to help boost her campaign.

Nikki Budzinski, a former White House official who left the Biden administration to challenge Rep. Rodney Davis (R., Ill.) in a district targeted by Democrats, this week held a campaign event cohosted by Nicole Brener-Schmitz, a disgraced former Teamsters Union political director who resigned after an investigation found she embezzled union funds. More

6 Comments on Illinois Dem Campaigning With Corrupt Union Official

  1. I would love to only be disgraced and resign after being caught embezzling…. democrap priviledge!

  2. Corruption is a major criteria for entering Illinois Democrat politics.
    Nothing new.
    The democrat House Campaign Committee of which Pelosi Controls, will pump $Millions in her Campaign.

  3. LBS, I could care less about an Astros/Braves world series this years as I dislike both teams. It’s too bad that the Red Sox and Dodgers sucked it up in their respective League Championship Series. There’s always next year, go Mariners! And now it’s time for college basketball, GO GONZAGA BULLDOGS!


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