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I’m Ashamed …

… that I laughed all 20 times I watched this!

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  1. One of the great ones….

    “….In another classic “Hoser” anecdote, CDR Joe Satrapa was experimenting with a 20mm cannon from an F-14 Tomcat when, “One day while Hoser was playing around with his new invention, the breach blew up taking off Hoser’s right index finger and thumb. Note that a right thumb is essential for flying a jet fighter because the electric trim tab is located on the top of the control stick where the pilot’s thumb rests while holding the stick. Thus, a pilot without a right thumb cannot fly a jet fighter.”

    But according to the now famous anecdote posted on the Naval Academy alumni blog, the loss of his right thumb would not stop “Hoser” from flying fighter aircraft. “He convinced the surgeon to take off his right big toe and attach it to his right hand . . . now he had three fingers and a big toe. It looked a bit like a lobster claw but Hoser demonstrated that he could operate the trim button, so he went back on flight status . . . with a new call sign, “Toeser”. Hey, you just can’t make this stuff up….”


  2. Brad THURSDAY, 28 DECEMBER 2023, 23:36 AT 11:36 PM

    When you gonna do my 41AE???
    Only gotta change out the barrel for the most part from the 9mm…
    Yeah, yeah, it barks a little harder.


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