I’m Dreaming Of A Slight Christmas


President Joe Biden is pushing to ease supply shortages and tame rising prices in time for Christmas, but unsnarling U.S. supply lines could take far longer, experts told Reuters.

Biden brought together powerbrokers from ports, unions and big business on Wednesday to address shipping, labor and warehousing pain in the U.S. supply chain, and announced new around-the-clock port operations in Los Angeles. More

Sundance at CTH theorizes there are more goods in the supply chain (due to automated restocking orders based on historic data) than retailers (who are practicing just-in-time inventory management) want on their shelves that are causing the log jab. More

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  1. Sorry to High Jack but apparently Slick Willy Clinton is in the Hospital in Califucknia.

    Fingers crossed people, I’m hoping for some Good news.
    I wonder, will they invite The Human Humidor?

  2. Christmas according to Jackass (Touchy Feely) Joe:
    Twas the night before Christmas and everyone was feeling Merry… so Merry left!
    So everyone jumped for Joy, then she left too!
    That’s when we all went down to the corner gas station and pumped Ethyl.

  3. Sundance at CTH has a new article today that takes another look at the source of the supply chain backlog: a 2020 deal between the EPA and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) to impose emissions limit on heavy trucks. The practical result is that the number of trucks available to handle the unloaded containers is only about half of what it used to be.

    The bottleneck isn’t the unloading. The bottleneck is moving the unloaded containers out of California.


  4. the money quote …
    “Part of the reason for the excessive container ships could simply be a reflection of a U.S. economy that has slowed so drastically that inbound durable goods are not needed by those on the destination side. As a consequence, there’s no rush for the importing corporation to take immediate control of the inventory.”

    BINGO!!!!! … fewer & fewer are willing, in today’s climate, to spend rapidly shrinking monetary value on frivolous goods. case in point, the last few home-delivery orders I have made (& they’re non-essential items that I could wait a weeks, even more to receive) I was offered next-day delivery. this overstocking of delivery-company warehouses is going to bite them bigly in the quickly comin’-round-the-corner ‘new world disorder’ the commieratzi’s are planning for us

  5. I got to tell you I’m up front and present in to what’s coming to down the pike. More so than a Grocery Clerk. There’s some really bad shit coming.

  6. The homo transportation secretary has been on “parental leave” the past two months.
    Chew-chew Pete is home with hubby and the new twins.
    Awwww, that is SO SWEET!


  7. Shut up and get out of the way would be the most effective thing he could do.
    Although what appears to be the larger problem are Newsom and CA laws.

  8. All part of the plan to drive inflation and take more money from the peasants.
    I bet there isn’t a single Congress member suffering shortages.

  9. Due to the massive increase in inflation, everyone is saving their money to heat their homes this winter.

  10. Loco, saw that Mayor Pete was on maternity leave…I mean family leave.
    Nice excuse for not doing his job.
    You don’t get leave in a job lik Trans Sec.
    (That should be his new title)

    This is however a great example of why men or the main earner, shouldn’t get leave for a new baby. The entire port system is a wreck.

  11. Oh…
    Buy local and made in the USA as much as possible.
    There are farmers who will package meat and ship it frozen.
    Go to local artisans for Christmas.
    Buy a class for someone as a gift or a day trip or something.
    F Pedo Joe and his puppet masters.

  12. Rat fink, that’s an old joke about pumping Ethyl, I heard it a lot from dirty old guys back in the late 60’s and early 70’s pumping gas at my dads Shell station. But what about regular, wasn’t he good enough or was he too regular?

  13. The dirty old guys were some of our regular customers who liked to tell off color jokes, ethnic jokes, double entendres etc. back in those pre politically correct days when they could get away it and never in the presence of their wives. I learned a lot of good jokes from them. They were great storytellers and major league bull shitters as well.


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