I’m Just Glad The Smart People Voted For Biden – by Dr. David Dinkweaver

I’m just glad that the southern border is now secure and immigrants are following the appropriate process to enter our country legally. 

I’m just glad that gas prices are very low and it’s not costing middle class families hundreds of dollars more every month to drive their cars to work, to school, to everyday destinations.

I’m just glad that illicit drugs are not coming across the southern border getting into the hands of people who overdose and lose their lives. 

I’m just glad that there is no human trafficking and no sex trafficking of women at our southern border. 

I’m just glad that the supply chain is operating smoothly and there aren’t hundreds of container ships stranded at sea off the coast of California waiting to get into ports. 

I’m just glad American companies that import goods aren’t now paying $20,000 per container rather than $3,000 per container, so prices of goods can be kept low. 

I’m just glad that prices of goods, including the groceries that every middle class family purchases each week, are not skyrocketing with out of control inflation.

I’m just glad that middle class families aren’t being TAXED with a 50% increase in gas prices and huge increases in food. 

I’m just glad we have a Vice President that is extremely conscientious and working hard to solve problems that are presented to her with each of her assignments. 

I’m just glad that we have a Secretary of State that is extremely visible and working hard every day to address problems and dangers facing our country. 

I’m just glad we didn’t leave Afghanistan in a haphazard way, stranding American citizens, SIV holders and our Afghan friends that helped us during the war. 

I’m just glad that no lives of military personnel were lost due to utterly incompetent decisions made by our President. 

I’m just glad that we have an attorney general that is not influenced by partisan organizations and he thoroughly investigates and thoughtfully reviews inquiries the DOJ receives before making knee jerk reactions. 

I’m just glad that our country continues to be energy independent and doesn’t have to purchase from other countries, thus keeping energy costs very low. 

I’m just glad that we have a Congress that is fiscally responsible and understands the importance of minimizing government expenditures to only what’s needed, so as not to create inflation.  

I’m just glad we have a president that is perfectly lucid, coherent, smart, and a patriot who works hard every day to focus on doing what’s right for American Citizens, especially keeping his promises- like no vaccine mandates. 

I’m just glad there are so many incredibly smart people in this country that voted for Biden, because we certainly wouldn’t want any mean tweets right now. 

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10 Comments on I’m Just Glad The Smart People Voted For Biden – by Dr. David Dinkweaver

  1. That’s a pretty good summary. However hold on because it is their intent to drive this economy off the cliff. And they might have already been successful. We are about to run out of Aluminum. (Actually that’s the first shoe to drop). You can’t overstate the impact this will have on our economy. It’s got to be intentional. Motivated by the New Green Deal? Or maybe the NWO reset? Who knows. But next year will not be pretty.


  2. Just filled up my gas guzzler Tundra. North of $62 for a tankful of regular. Round trip to work and back is 70 miles.

    So far this year, I hit a deer ($1500), battery died ($200) and refilled multiple times.

    I think it’s getting too expensive to have a job.

  3. He missed a couple;

    I’m just glad our military is hiring the best and brightest, not encumbered by silly racial quotas, so that they can best defend our nation and stay abreast of what our enemies are doing wrt supersonic technology.

    I’m just glad that our educational system is so competent and efficient that they are cranking out kids that are blowing away the competition from other countries wrt their test scores.

    I’m just glad that the D.A’s of our nation are so dedicated to doing their job wrt the criminals in their community, the judicious manner in which they lock up those that are a threat to the community, and the clear concise message given to LE that they are a team and work together to make the community safe.

    I’m just glad that Biden, Yellen and the Fed understand the relationship between quantitative easing, printing money not backed by real assets and how both cause inflation and erode the buying power of all Americans.

    I’m just glad that our leaders are willing to destroy our economy, cripple entire industries and put millions of Americans out of work, while blindly accepting a false ideology and pseudo-science of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming).

  4. Speaking of the price of gas, in my area it has gone up 30 cents in the last week. Costco has the cheapest and it is 4.27. The Chevron close to where I live its 4.87.

  5. Voted my azz.
    The election was stolen and Trump won!

    Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself so Let’s go Brandon!

  6. How about the latest this thing we call a President wants to give illegals who entered while Trump was in office up to 500,000 each.

    Can’t tell me this ain’t retaliation for the absolute gall of voting for Trump.
    Blood boiling
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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