I’m Listing the 18 Mayors That Told Obama They Want To Take In Syrian Refugees So People Will Know Who To Tar and Feather

Here are 18 mayors that signed a letter letting Obama know that that they have the welcome mat out for Syrian refugees. (Most are not from Syria.)

Ed Pawlowski, Mayor of Allentown, PA

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, MD

Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston, MA

James Diossa, Mayor of Central Falls, RI

Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor of Chapel Hill, NC

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, IL

Edward Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, GA

Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, OH

Domenick Stampone, Mayor of Haledon, NJ

Pedro E. Segarra, Mayor of Hartford, CT

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, CA

Betsy Hodges, Mayor of Minneapolis, MN

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, NY

Jose Torres, Mayor of Paterson, NJ

William Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA

Javier Gonzales, Mayor of Santa Fe, NM

Francis G. Slay, Mayor of St. Louis, MO

Stephanie A. Miner, Mayor of Syracuse, NY

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28 Comments on I’m Listing the 18 Mayors That Told Obama They Want To Take In Syrian Refugees So People Will Know Who To Tar and Feather

  1. School sent home a nasty letter with our 6th grader because we didn’t send him for a physical before the start of school, so I took him out of school and brought him today. An optional shot was for hepatitis B, only if we are traveling to foreign countries, primarily Mexico, OR if we plan on living in California, Arizona, or New Mexico. Soon, the doctor said, it will be mandatory for all kids in all states. Gee, I f***ing wonder why. Way to compromise our health.

  2. Baltimore mayor does not have enough problems already? Her crime rates are off the charts and she wants MUSLIMS? Oh well, when the Rape statistics sky rocket, when the murder rate doubles, when everyone with any sense at all moves away, she can always blame it on Bush. How the hell does she think she’s going to come up with more welfare money? Baltimore is already teetering on the brink. First bus load of muslims is going to push her city over the cliff. But hey, Baltimore will now be voting democrat til hell freezes over.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. Does she really think welcoming a bunch of Arabs into the community will go over big with the BLM crowd?

  4. And the Boston mayor?….shouldn’t he have learned a life informative message?…as the rest should have from Boston?….

  5. “Take in” as in their own homes? Right?

    Will the Gannett Group be publishing their addresses? And Mapquest directions from Syria to their homes?

  6. Chapel Hill , NC, home of University of North Carolina and wealthy progressives already has Jihad sleeper cells. The openly gay dhimmi mayor is into all things leftist and irony to populate the city with more Muslims is lost on him.

  7. Ha ha! So the Homo-Rican mayor of Hartford, Pedro E. Segarra, wants to take in some sand monkeys. I’m not surprised. My state is so out of touch with reality that nothing the Progs here do can shock me.

    He ain’t gonna be mayor after next year’s election as he was defeated in the primaries by a butt kissing honky Prog Luke Bronin, so he doesn’t care.

    The new guy will gladly take them in. Read this from The Camp of the Saints and see what a visionary Jean Raspail was. Just about everything he wrote about in his novel is coming to pass.


  8. I’m showing one existing islamic center in Santa Fe on my mosque map, and the next closest mosque is the Dar al Islam Mosque in Abiquiu about 40 miles away. If these idiots only knew what Dar al Harb was all about .

    It sucks having to put Santa Fe on my shit list of places NOT to ever visit.

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