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‘I’m Sick of This Stuff’; Biden Throws A Hissy

Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation


By Robert Spencer

See that angry old man shouting at you? That’s the President of the United States. Even in the best of times, Old Joe Biden has never been one to take responsibility for his actions, and these are not the best of times. With the economy in free fall, the Russians on the march in Ukraine, the Southern border a polite fiction, and skyrocketing inflation, Old Joe is in full-throttle finger-pointing mode, blaming everyone he can think of for the catastrophic failure of his administration. His latest scapegoat: the American people. That’s right, all of us, or at very least those who come to the very sensible and entirely justifiable conclusion that his absurd far-Left policies are responsible for today’s galloping inflation rates.

On Friday, Biden’s handlers trundled the old man to Philadelphia to attend the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, where he read out an address full of dark foreboding for the assembled gaggle of socialists: “This off-year election, in my view, may be the most important off-year election in modern history. Because we know what happens, we know the fundamental change that shifts if we lose the House and Senate. The only thing I’ll have then is a veto pen.”

The primary reason why the Democrats may fare poorly in November is, of course, that Biden’s handlers have made a hash of pretty much everything, and with inflation raging out of control and certain to go higher, Biden had a ready explanation: “Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin.” Old Joe must thank Gaia every night that Putin invaded Ukraine, as it gives him a ready answer to any and every critic and a potted explanation that will satisfy the Leftist conformists among his followers who know that all the failures of socialism are attributable to anything but socialism. more

24 Comments on ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff’; Biden Throws A Hissy

  1. …I’ve been in nursing homes a LOT for various reasons over the years.

    This behavior fits right in.

  2. PedoJoe46 had best calm down……

    He might stroke out.

  3. This is the man who said they would “put y’all back in chains!”

    And it’s happening under his administration.

    But it’s not his fault…it’s “they”/them/some other. It’s Putin. Ya, that’s it.

    It’s never their fault when it’s the Progressive-Left.

  4. Poor little Pedophile, the list of people who hate him is growing exponentially. It includes Blacks and Hispanics now.

    So raise your little fists you fucking child and scream at the sky. Blame everyone but yourself Mr. Buck Stops Here asshole.

    You are a pompous worthless piece of shit garbage child molester.

    Just fucking die already cunt. Even the brainless Commiela is better than you.

  5. ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff’

    Well for God’s sake QUIT then!

  6. Biden’s eventual meltdown will be epic. 75 years of being an infamous POS will all culminate into one huge shit show. It may be the most memorable act of karma ever witnessed.
    Make sure and make a digital copy for posterity.

  7. Stroke out on camera? That would be wonderful, Zonga, but my own favorite fantasy is that scene in Alien where the newly hatched monster chews its way out of the guy’s chest, with Joey as “the guy” of course.

  8. “catastrophic failure of his administration”

    That phrasing assumes he meant doing good for the country.

    I disagree.

    The catastrophic results are intentional.

    It’s not a failure if the intent is to destroy the country in the first place.

    By their measurement it’s been a fantastic success.

    Just need to keep b*********** the stupid and evil voters and that’s exactly what they’re are doing every day.

  9. “Stroke out on camera”

    Even if he did, the MSM would collude to edit it so it looked like he was break dancing to show how cool he is.

  10. “Give me a break”

  11. Dadof4
    MARCH 12, 2022 AT 5:19 PM
    ‘“Stroke out on camera”

    Even if he did, the MSM would collude to edit it so it looked like he was break dancing to show how cool he is.’


    …or, they would blame it on his “being such a kind, tolerant, loving, caring guy who was too nice to to use the force against traitors that the horrors of January 6th demanded, and the stress of trying to be so merciful to such undeserving peasants simply was too much for his sweet soul to remain on earth, so the next president will have to start by treating the odious heathens who dare question the majesty of the State with the extreme harshness that is the only thing their kind understand”…

  12. @ SNS MARCH 12, 2022 AT 5:39 PM

    Too complex. They are in too deep for that kind of ruse.

    The simpler, the better. Easier to keep the lies straight.

    Doesn’t matter if everyone can see through it. They’re going to lie either way. You’re on IQ 140 and above with that stuff.

  13. ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff’

    Well we all hate you so…

  14. If YOU think YOU’RE sick of it…..You should see it from OUR side.

  15. He has no clue what he is sick of. He was only reading his teleprompter

  16. The only thing keeping him upright and reading the teleprompter is the demon in him.

  17. I fear that one of these days he’ll order the military to shoot the moon.

  18. Believe when it’s said, even more so lately, that the malicious people-hating and pro-segregation Joe Biden is no one’s influencer or positive role model. Only great leaders inspire others to do great things and the powerless weakling Biden is far from being one of those leader types, as is the slobbish vp Harris.

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