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Incredibly Disappointed


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  1. The little bitty 17 year old cheerleader who got choked out by the hulking, great big Michael Clarke Duncan looking tranny cheerleader sure could have used those self-defence lessons.

  2. I wanna live in a world where the only tranny I need to deal with is the one between my engine and the rest of my drive train.

  3. Aww, Jhoon Rhee was my sensei many years ago. I was born and raised in metro-Maryland, and he’d settled there after leaving Korea. Those ads featuring his kids are unforgettable to several generations of DC-area folks.

    He was a great man and teacher… thanks for the memories, Jhoon^^^

  4. Damn!!!! I was looking forward to the Miyagido Cheerleading Dojo

  5. Gimme an A!
    Gimme an R!
    Gimme an F! I! F! T! E! E! N!
    What’s that spell?! AR-15!
    What’s that spell?! AR-15!
    What’s that spell?! AR-15!

  6. @ theMule;

    Down here, when not in polite company, we call them south Georgia pine-tree gorillas.

  7. @Jethro 4x Protect 5x Concentrated : Can I add 1X more in protection stat? It makes the Maths EZerr for AutoTranslator Softwares POS’s. Dales Desk.

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