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India is showing us how to hold Fauci accountable


At some point, public complacency becomes worn out and exhausted, because people will only endure their loss of freedoms and rights “for the greater common good” for so long.

And once they’ve become convinced that they’ve been duped by the so-called ruling class, a light switch is flipped and it’s game-on for massive pushback.

When it comes to COVID-19, we’ve reached this critical mass of understanding in America. And we’re not the only ones, because the same thing is happening in other countries across the globe.

Unfortunately, our country doesn’t find itself as the world’s leader in holding those who created deadly policies related to COVID-19 accountable. No, it’s the nation of India that finds itself in that enviable position.

As such, the American public should pay very, very close attention to India’s lead and what they are now doing to hold people accountable.

Early in the pandemic, India was plagued with the same COVID-related problems as the United States. And just as in the U.S. early on, parts of India’s medical establishment did everything in its power to suppress the use of readily available medications for the early treatment of COVID-19.

Similar to the U.S., this policy was pursued in India in order to provide a legal justification for the emergency use of experimental COVID-19 vaccines. more here

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  1. I hope so, but this sounds like Jovan Pulitzer and the election fraud – constant breakthroughs and no results that change anything. Not blaming those who are trying, but there appears to be an unsurmountable ability for the courts to resist.

  2. “Unfortunately, our country doesn’t find itself as the world’s leader in holding those who created deadly policies related to COVID-19 accountable”




  3. Totally agree, but LCD is right. Nobody is held accountable for any of the scams or schemes. They go from one to the next, sometimes in parallel, and overlapping so that there’s no time to assess and react. One thing cascades into the next, we see it coming clear as day, and yet we are powerless to stop the cycles. And nobody is ever punished. Never.

    And on a lighter note, if India is leading the way out of this nightmare, how come every Indian I see everywhere is wearing a mask? Do they know something about spike proteins that we don’t?

  4. @Thirdtwin: “…how come every Indian I see everywhere is wearing a mask?”

    To help block the ubiquitous aroma of frying hamburgers everywhere in the U.S.? (-:

  5. @Left Coast Dan: “…there appears to be an insurmountable ability for the courts to resist.”

    Alas, yes. I’ve just about given up any hope of using the courts, in particular fed courts, to right any of the wrongs perpetrated by TPTB. Holding such people accountable can only be accomplished, I fear, by extrajudicial means.

  6. Benito, I’m afraid you’re wrong. “WE’RE NOT LEADING AT ANYTHING!!” We have everybody beat at upper level corruption and graft and outright traitorous behavior by our elected representatives!

  7. This guy will never be held accountable.

    We all know this weasel should be made an example of.
    Let’s see, need to start with bamboo shoots under the nails with a little waterboarding thrown in for good measure. 😂

    This asshole should have his ass kicked on a daily basis, when in reality he should get the death penalty. 😡

    Little pissed tonight, just have to remember the Lord has plan’s, even though we wonder WTH.
    Just have to be patient. 🕊❤🙏

  8. Outside of clinical settings which have people who are immune compromised or with open wounds, masks are fucking stupid. There is no study to show any effectiveness of real N95 masks at stopping COVID; much less the dirty rags people normally wear to follow a mask mandate.

    The mask mandates now are a political wedge issue for petty tyrants and their progtarded authoritarian asshole cult pawns. The purpose of the mask mandates now is to train people like dogs to accept an extraordinarily trimmed down concept of “freedom”. Forget about the fact that you’re overtaxed or that the assholes running your country are corrupt, incompetent, and fail at everything. You should be happy when you get away with not having to wear a fucking rag over your goddamn face… Gosh! Now that is real some Freedom, huh?


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