India: Magician dies in river attempting Houdini trick

Daily Caller: A magician was found dead in a river in India after attempting to recreate a “Houdini” trick which involved escaping from shackles while in the water.

“Wizard Mandrake,” born Chanchal Lahiri, was lowered into a river in Kolkata while tied up Sunday, Fox News reported. Lahiri said it would be “magic” if he was successful and “tragic” if the trick did not go as planned.

Rescue officials found Lahiri’s body Monday after a 24-hour search, according to Fox. 

This was not Lahiri’s first time conducting the trick. He successfully pulled off the stunt more than two decades ago, Fox reported.
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  1. Even Houdini used a tether when he did his bridge jump. They took a day to find this guy? What, did they get bored waiting for him to bob up and all went home to return in the A.M.?


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