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iOTW Has Spoken… The Worst Popular Song of All-Time Is…

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  1. How much money did that group PERONALLY give to save poor black babies in Africa?

    Anyone know?

  2. Was that song the first foray into collective virtue signaling?

    I guess not. George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh predates that by a decade or two.

    P.S. I am not looking to launch another ‘worst song’ scrum.

  3. Between the time they helicopter’d in for the concert and helicopter’d back out, did any of these precious celebrities help ANYBODY to move to where the food is?

  4. National Lampoon Radio Dinner LP, 1972, made fun of two teenagers discussing the situation in Bangladesh wherein the student body proposed a fast in support of the poor. Not a 24 hour fast. 3rd and 4th periods at school.

  5. So, yeah, probably one of the biggest initial virtue signaling events ever. However, it’s a cool video to see all of the musicians from my teen years in their prime. So, I can’t hate it. Steve Perry, I mean, dude! *swoon*

  6. “I noticed that Barry Manilow wasn’t singing on We Are The World. I called up Africa and they said ‘Yo we’re not that hungry yet’.”

    Jay Leno

  7. @TRF. In Bangladesh we classify the workforce. White cholera and blue cholera. (Followed by a rimshot)

    Radio Dinner reference.

  8. Edit – Anonymous – That’s cuz he wuz so used to saying “I am the world…”

    PH – Radio Dinner – It’s a timeless classic!!

  9. @TRF.

    You sir, are old. Lol.

    Most of the references in that album would need an interpreter today.

    Actually, National Lampoon Lemmings, which was a parody of Woodstock, contained a joke that I finally understood at least 10 years after I first heard it.

    Woodstock was on a farm in upstate NY and I guess they brought farmer Max Yazgur (sp?) on the stage. Lampoon’s parody of that was priceless. Farmer, looking out at the crowd said, “this must be the biggest thing since the Coolidge inaugural.”

    The part I didn’t know was that Coolidge was sworn in by his father in their parlor. Just the two of them. That is really hilarious.

    Farmer then goes on to say,
    “I want you young people to know, long hair, short hair? What the hell’s the difference once the head’s blowed off?”

    Sick, funny stuff.

  10. The “Pander” bullshit of that video was puke inducing. These rich bastards played for the camera and then jetted off to their mansions. This kind of shit makes me sick; I wonder how many of these fools that made the video wore the uniform of one of our branches of the military. That was my World and still part of me still is.

  11. I’m not saying the voting was rigged, but here is some testimony.
    Somewhere people are shouting.
    Others are on their knees praying,
    No matter, How many times they check the station,
    that damned Margaritaville is still playing

  12. It would be educational to people to go through those old Lampoon albums and present them as an historical journey, providing context and explanation that socialist countries don’t allow mockery and ridicule, and at that point you’ve lost your country.

  13. I still win.

    I see what Fur did with the title. Now it’s the worst POPULAR song of all time. That’s because there is nothing in the pop catalog that even comes close to Phillip Glass.

    :stands in triumph surveying rout of popular song forces, finally gives the signal for the mounted Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack hussars to sweep the battlefield clean:

    :takes last bite of apple:

  14. Speaking of Bangladesh and tasteless humor…..What’s the difference between a pair of Levi’s and a native of Bangladesh?
    There’s only one fly on pair of Levi’s.

    I’m not our regular Anonymous. I posted this way so I wouldn’t have to stay up all night with my AR on my lap waitin for Burn Loot Murder to show up.

  15. Good choice. A waste of time and money. I detest globalist social engineering and the propaganda that goes with it.
    “We are the World” aka “We are the World of Pretentious Liberal Tools”

  16. Any food that was shipped to Africa from this lame assed song was used to feed a bunch of warlord’s troops, the people got nothing.

  17. Bono: “Every time I clap (doing a slow clap) my hands, a child dies in Africa.”

    From the Audience: “Well quit doing it, you evil fookin bastard!”

    (true story)

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. 1) George Harrison actually meant well with the Concert for Bangladesh. He did not do it as a PR stunt. Unfortunately, since his was the first concert of that kind and was therefore in uncharted territory, much was lost in taxes and other legalities that they didn’t think of ahead of time.

    2) I remember Paul Harvey saying after Don’t They Know It’s Christmas that they did buy tons and tons of food and shipped it to Ethiopia. Unfortunately, that food just sat at the airport with the tons and tons of food that had been going there all along but was not allowed to be given to the starving people because the Ethiopian Government wanted to starve out all the people who did not support the government. You know, just like the elites are trying to do with the COVID restrictions.

  19. Yup, this song deserves “Worst Song Ever”. The people who sang it don’t even have a personal relationship with the people who clean their homes, cook their meals, clean their pools or “style” them. Does anyone believe they’d launch a real relationship with some unwashed poor person in Africa?!

    It wasn’t even their own money.

  20. I never attributed nefarious motives to Harrison and the others in my comments. Gullible useful idiots is closer.
    I never saw Harrison as a preening SJW guy. Bono and others? Definitely.


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